Xbox One Vs PS4 sales neck and neck so far

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2013

Are you a happy launch Xbox One and/or PS4 buyer at the moment? It looks like there has been a tremendous amount of interest in both console launches, with Sony and Microsoft already feeling confident enough to give out some early sales figures for the first 24 hours of each console going on sale.

That interest has resulted in both Microsoft and Sony announcing record figures for their respective consoles. First to launch was Sony, who announced that they had managed to shift over 1 million consoles sold in a space of 24 hours.

Not to be done, Microsoft also revealed via press release a few days ago that their Xbox One console had also managed to hit the 1 million sales mark in 24 hours. The Xbox One may have come under fire prior to release, but it looks like Microsoft’s various u-turns helped to get the console back on track with consumers delighted with their purchase over the PS4.

As a result, it appears that at this stage, we are at a neck and neck outcome. As we wait for the decisive PS4 Vs Xbox One first week sales to come in, it’s worth pointing out that Microsoft launched the Xbox One in many more countries, whilst Sony only launched the PS4 in the US and Canada for now.

Does this give Sony an inside edge when the PS4 launches in Europe, or will gamers still flock to the future of Xbox One gaming? It’s going to be a fascinating ride, especially when consumers weigh up the recent launch problems hitting both consoles.

Which way to do you see the first week sales between going? Give us your reaction below.

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  • Josh101

    You forgot to mention that Sony launched in North America alone and sold 1 million consoles. The XboxOne was released in 13 countries simultaneously and hit 1 million CONBINED, that would be 77,000 consoles divided amongst all 13. Sony is going to trump that number soon enough.


      Means nothing unfortunately. we dont know WHO actually sold bettet at this stage. if both consoles only released around 1M consoles on launch day. And botb sold out, then it doesnt matter wheter it was 1 country or 20. We also don’t know what that 1M in 24 hours means. Did one console actuallh sell 1.1M. The other 1.7M? The other thing to keep in mind is with a $100 premium for XBO, and for it to still sell in such huge numbers says something too.
      Let’s not forget history. PS3 was the more powerful console. It sold very badly for the first year. Xbox dominated. By year 3. Wii took the lead At the end of the cycle, X360 is now more expensive than PS3, but also with presumBly weaker software, has been managing to pump out better graphics than the PS3. For example, Fifa13 runs at 720p on PS3, but 1080p on X360.
      It’s a long race, this is a marathon not a sprint. It’ll take years to know who the victor is… but both consoles are pretty much directed towards success at this point.
      pls excuse spelling errors.

  • Kevin

    Ps4 will dominate when released in Europe

    I’m no fanboy I like both, but the price factor and the graphics will be a sure winner, it was for me.
    Xbone looks great too and will do pretty well.

  • Shu

    But our PS4’s faulty proof rate is just 1% only 🙂