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VIZIO E701i-A3E HDTV specs suitable for PS4, Xbox One

If you have just bought a brand new PS4 and Xbox One and are keeping one eye on the upcoming Holiday sales, we could have a TV for you which is perfect for gaming use. Vizio is a brand that consumers have grown to love, with many using their TV sets for gaming without any issues.

Now we have a look at the VIZIO E701i-A3E 70-inch HDTV specs, which basically tell us that this could be an ideal television to use with your new PS4 or Xbox One. Consumers are moving away from the high end brands all the time, especially with the crazy prices that lesser-known brands such as Vizio, Emerson and Seiko can go for.

This Vizio E701i-A3E HDTV features four HDMI ports which is already a massive tick for consumers who like to own multiple consoles in the living room. On top of this, this model features a 120Hz Refresh Rate with Smooth Motion which is another massive factor for gaming.

You’ll see in our previous report on the 55-inch LG 55LN5100 that consumers are really searching for TVs with a 120 Hz refresh rate above anything else – so be sure to double check with your retailer that the specs out of the box are really the specs that are being advertised.

How this beast will look in your living room.
How this beast will look in your living room.

Other Vizio E701i-A3E HDTV specs include Razor LED technology, built in WiFi to use with Vizio internet apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus and also crisp audio thanks to SRS StudioSound HD.

It really does sound like a fantastic option for those looking for a TV with a massive screen, but at a reasonable price as well compared to some of the high-end brands. Be sure to read the full VIZIO E701i-A3E HDTV specs here to get an exact idea of what this TV is capable of.

Vizio are advertising this TV on their website for $1699, but don’t be surprised if we see this 70-inch drop well below $1000 during the sales this month. If you are looking for a new TV to compliment your PS4 or Xbox One purchase, let us know if you are strongly considering picking one of these up.

We’ve included a video below for those that want to see the TV in a little more detail. For further reading, check out a VIZIO E701i-A3E HDTV review here.

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