RCA RCT6378W2 7-inch Dual Core tablet visually demoed

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2013

Earlier on this month we pointed you in the direction of one Android tablet that we think is going to be very popular over the busy Holiday period. That tablet is the RCA RCT6378W2 7-inch Dual Core tablet and it could be going for next to nothing for those willing to spend the time and effort to pick up a bargain.

To recap, we told you that this tablet will include specs such as a Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 1.2GHz chip processor with 1GB of RAM. We also told you that one of the best features of this budget tablet was the fact that it runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is still one of the newer versions of Google’s software around.

Even better is the possibility to perhaps upgrade the RCA RCT6378W2 specs so that it could one day run Android 4.4 Kitkat – how amazing would that be if it could be possible, especially for a sub $100 tablet.

For though, it’s all about preparing for the launch of this device. RCA has provided consumers with the perfect material, offering up a series of RCA RCT6378W2 tutorial reviews over on their YouTube channel. For example, there is an in-depth tour of how to effectively manage storage on the 8GB tablet, with tips such as moving apps to the SD card and reducing email storage.

We’ve also added another video below which we think you’ll find useful, this one showing you various ways to uninstall apps if you decide it’s suddenly time for an app to make a swift exit.

We’ve heard feedback from you saying that this RCA 7-inch Dual Core tablet could be the best product on offer later this month – would you agree with this?

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  • Frank Smith

    I have an Android RCA tablet 8″ 4 core 8 gb which has never been satisfactory ie will not turn on or accept a charge, screen shows Charge battery logo after 30 seconds holding display button but shows no further progress, its now ten [10] days after warranty period so can;t be returned to store where purchased.

  • Horace mom

    We bought each of our kids one for Christmas and both had the battery bulge, one breaking the screen. The other issue we found was the battery life for just reading emails and surfing. It would only last maybe 1 1/2 hrs. When they played a game they were lucky if they got 1/2 hour. RCA was very nice to work with and they replaced both tablets (with the lower model) but the kids liked the back camera this model came with and wanted to keep them. Battery life still isn’t great but better than what we had. Not sure on the games as we just received the second tablet today and it hasn’t been used yet.

  • Autumn Young-Cobb

    My daughter has this tablet and she put it in her case not hot or charging and the next morning the screen was cracked be itself and rca won’t fix it just gave me a number to call in Canada. My niece has same tablet and it won’t hold a charge anymore.

  • Crystal Taylor

    does anyone else have the problem of the rca not turning on unless its plugged in?