Polaroid Google Certified 10 and 8-inch Android tablet

By Peter Chubb - Nov 25, 2013

We hope that you have been enjoying our coverage of the range of budget tablets rather than all this talk about the more expensive models, although we do need to keep up-to-date with what is going on with the Nexus 10 2. Some of you might not know it, but Polaroid has a range of Google Certified 10 and 8-inch Android tablets.

Let us have a little look at the Polaroid Google-Certified S8 8-inch Android tablet first, seeing as though it is the smaller of the two. This model has better than expected specs, which include dual-core ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB or storage, front and rear camera of a low quality, and a microSD card slot for extra storage capacity.

It is clear that this tablet is not ideal for graphic intensive gaming, but perfect if you like playing games like Minecraft or doing everyday things on a tablet.

Polaroid 10 and 8-inch Android tablets

The Polaroid S10 is rather similar in specs and the only difference as far as we can see is a 10-inch screen instead of an 8-inch for the previous model.

If you are looking for a greater choice, then don’t despair because Polaroid has you covered with a decent range of other models, all of which can be seen here.

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  • Brian Bair

    I have the S10 (10 in model) and it is giving me fits now – telling me my storage is filled up, when there is no way in the world it could possible be filled. I’ve only downloaded like 6 or 7 apps total (include the Youtube and Amazon app store app). Can you explain the “messing around” you mention below on how to move apps to the SD card? This should free up space, and allow this tablet to work again (since it basically bombs out now that it’s full). I keep getting the “storage warning” messages in the upper left of the screen. It seems like it’s an 8gb tablet, and you can’t even download 1gb worth of apps – what a crock!

  • Scrotorr

    I’ve been using the S8 tablet since Thursday and it’s a huge improvement performance wise over the Polaroid PMID10C I got last year. It does manage its internal memory awkwardly, making for limited space for apps. It also has fewer features than my older Polaroid tablet – for example it is missing the full size USB connection, which was nice for flash drive use for media. However, I’ve had no hard locks or major issues – the occasional slowdown is the only issue I’ve noted but that has not been a usual occurence. For the bargain price I got the tablet for I certainly wouldn’t complain. It’s been much better than many of the cheap tablets I’ve had or played with.

    • El Anticorrupt

      Scrotorr did yours come with Google Play pre-installed? also how much storage? 4 or 8 gb. Thanks

      • Scrotorr

        El Anticorrupt, I bought one and my mother-in-law bought one and both have had Google Play pre-installed. The A8 model which is at Toys-R-Us and other outlets is the same internals but slightly different case and still has the model number S8 listed on the back – the A8 versions shipped first before they had a final OK for Google Play. They have a fix you can download from support to get this functionality, and it’s not hard, but it’s a nuisance. Just stick with the S8 models and you should be fine. Sounds like only the earliest batches didn’t have it pre-installed.

        As for memory it is 4gb and that is split between internal storage and SDCard memory – you can add another external micro SDHC to it (up to 32gb) but you can’t put apps on that without some messing around. Also about 2gb of the built in storage is unavailable from the start – so you have two internal storage areas that add up to about 2 gb for apps once it’s all said and done. External SD for media, etc.

        • El Anticorrupt

          Scrotor thanks.I did installed the update and now have all the Google services. As i understand those 2 GB that are unavailable, are dedicated to the Android Jellybean files,i read that on Goggle!! Where did you find out the sd card can be as large as 32 gb? 🙂

  • sher

    The reviews on the 10″ tablet were awful – is this 8″ improved?