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Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions stats analyzed

Are you starting to get bored of Pokemon X and Y yet, one month after release or are you still thirsty for more? If the answer is the latter, you’ll be interested to read this awesome Pokemon X and Y mega evolution stats guide that we have picked out for you.

Collecting mega evolution stones is a great side quest to participate in once you have completed the main game, you can find help collecting this stones in a separate guide here. Now though, we have a glance at all of the mega evolutions seen in Pokemon X and Y so far.

We say so far, as Game Freak are going to be adding more very soon – presumably when we hear news of forthcoming events which will unlock new content in the game as we’ve seen in previous years.

For now though, feast your eyes on the following video we have added below, which features a fantastic look at every single mega evolution in the game including detailed stats on each with lovely presentation.

This is probably the only stats video you need on Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions. Enjoy watching and give us your thoughts on it afterwards.



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