NBA 2K14 looks incredible on PS Vita Remote Play

By Alan Ng - Nov 25, 2013

We have recently given you a glimpse at the wonders available to PS4 users who also happen to own a PS Vita. Remote Play is back in a big way, with Sony promising that the majority of PS4 games will all be supported on the PS Vita.

We gave examples of how this new feature works with COD Ghosts single player and online in Extinction mode, but now it’s time to look at another game. NBA 2K14 is considered to be one of the best looking PS4 launch games along with Killzone Shadow Fall, and we’re pleased to say that the game looks incredible when playing on PS Vita as well.

Quality will obviously be dependant on your internet connection and how far away your PS4 system is, but if you ever needed an advertisement for the PS Vita and a final push – this is finally it. We have some great gameplay for you to watch below, showing some direct off-screen gameplay of NBA 2K14 running seamlessly on the PS Vita without any issues.

This game on Remote Play had been a big request for those that are still waiting on buying a PS4 and PS Vita, so we hope you enjoy it.

Does this give you the final push you need to pick up a PS Vita for Remote Play?

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  • Admir Karalic

    This and all the articles of streaming PS4 to PS VITA, are so useless, we got it, it can stream directly to it the game you’re playing on your Huge ass 42” TV. But what’s the point of doing this ? You buy a home console to play games through your PS VITA…

    • Josh101

      The use? My first experience with my PsVita and PS4 goes as this: I got home, hooked up the PS4, downloaded the update. Then went straight to the PS store and downloaded Warframe, Contrast, Resogun and Sound shapes all at once, they actually download concurrently not separately. Tossed in Battlefield 4 and switched inputs on my t.v. which my buddy had his 360 hooked up and he played Call of Duty Ghosts online. I picked up my Vita and remote played BF4 while it installed in the backround. By the time I was done with the first mission, I backed out and all my downloads were complete and ready to install, including BF4 being ready to install. Not to mention my gf was streaming Netflix to her laptop and my other friend was on youtube. All on the same connection.

      • Admir Karalic

        You should really think about writting an Article about this, I’m serious, many of us, don’t actually realise that, remote play, can actually be usefull.