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Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Trophies

Many of you will know that there are several Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Trophies for you to collect, but as yet some of you will not be certain how many there are to collect or the easiest way to get them. We can understand the frustration, especially when you have spent many hours of your time trying to locate them all, and yet some of them still elude you.

Do not worry though because help is at hand with 7 handy videos that is the ultimate trophy guide. There are 98 Killzone: Shadow Fall Collectibles in all, which consists of 35 Audio Logs, 35 Comic Books, 9 Newspapers and finally 19 Dossiers.

Once you have managed to locate them all you will be rewarded with a silver trophy, which is called “The Knowledge”.

Knowing which collectibles you have found is easy because they are listed by name in the Main Menu, there is also a handy progress tracker so you will know just how well you are doing at locating them.

This comes in handy if you have accidentally missed a collectible, allowing you to go to a specific one straightaway. Watch all the videos below and you will find them all in no time.



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