Fallout 4 news in 5 days, two explosive countdowns

It looks like things are starting to get very exciting in terms of Fallout 4 news and a potential forthcoming teaser trailer and announcement. Previously we were expecting Fallout 4 information to come at Spike VGX 2013 on December 7, but now thanks to an updated Fallout 4 countdown – we know something is coming much sooner.

Head to the countdown site here for yourself. It’s the same countdown site that we have been telling you about and keeping you updated with its changes. Now, we can tell you that it has been altered again.

Bethesda wants us to know that the Fallout 4 ‘Nuclear Winter is coming in 5 days’. We now have a second countdown active, which will be revealed in just over 5 hours at the time of writing. The original countdown is still ticking towards a bigger reveal next month in December.

What could the Nuclear Winter in 5 days possibly mean? At least we don’t have to wait until the Spike VGX 2013 on December 7 to get our first Fallout 4 tease. If you have been trying to decipher the code, let us know what you have found so far and what your initial thoughts are on the new Nuclear Winter tease.



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