Crash Bandicoot in 2014, not Naughty Dog or Sony

By Peter Chubb - Nov 25, 2013

A few days ago there were rumors going around that Activision had sold Crash Bandicoot back to Sony, which meant there was a slim chance that we could see Naughty Dog take over as developer for an upcoming version of the much-loved franchise.

Okay, we say much loved, but only when the Uncharted developer was in charge of development because once Activision took over, it was downhill from there.

Most of us came to the conclusion that the IP had been sold back to Sony because there was no sign of Crash Bandicoot on Activision’s website. However, the publisher has confirmed that they have not sold the IP on.

That’s not all; Activision has also said that they would like to bring the series back, which makes us wonder if we could see an all-new Crash Bandicoot in 2014?

Why did the IP disappear from the Activision website in the first place? More importantly, how would you feel about another Crash Bandicoot game developed by Activision, or would you like to see Naughty Dog do what they do best?

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  • Aqua Indigo

    Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped was my favorite game of this series. As long as the people who made that game are the same people who make the next one, I’m happy. -What company was that again?

    • The Bandicoot brony

      Naughty dog ^^

  • Connor John Brandston

    activation cares quantity over quality

  • Adam

    what if activision makes a crash game like skylanders that would suck

  • James


  • Long term CB gamer

    Activision isnt as great as they think they are. Money doesnt equate to quality.

  • Jocelin

    GO NAUGHTY DOG !!! TAKE IT BACK !!! HUNDRED THOUSAND OF PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT !!! Activision sucks and cannot bring the series back to life properly, you are the only one for the job !!!