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Apex LE3242 specs deliver an average LED HDTV

Continuing on with features of some slightly older products that could make an ideal gift this year, we now wanted to take a look at the Apex LE3242 LED HDTV that would make a perfect TV for the kitchen or bedroom. If you are looking for a budget TV for the living room, then this model might not be for you.

The size of the screen is 31.5 inches and offers a 720p image quality with a dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 and a response time of 6ms. Some of the other Apex LE3242 specs include 3HDMI inputs, and various other connections, all of which help to deliver a rather average LED HDTV.

From what we have been reading, the overall review of the Apex LE3242 LED TV is that it is ideal for gaming in the bedroom because of the reasonable image quality, although the sound isn’t that great, which is where a decent set of headphones comes in handy.

Apex LE3242 TV is as budget as they come
Apex LE3242 TV is as budget as they come

This model is very energy efficient, but you night need some sort of degree to figure out the confusing remote.

When you go on the Apex website they do try to make the LE3242 LED TV seem far better than what it is because it comes across as a mid-range model, when we can clearly see that this has budget written all over it.



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