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APB Reloaded version 14 update, new content features

APB Reloaded version 14 is soon to be released and with it brings a host of new features and content, as well as a DLC bundle that is exclusive to Steam. Keep reading below to find out what the new content is.

First of all there will now be two new contacts, these are Aletta & Gumball and will reside in the Financial District. By adding these two characters there is an increase of more than 20 more levels, meaning an even higher-level progression.

There’s also a rather intriguing radar tower car mod, which allows you to track your enemies on your radar if they pass by your vehicle. Another car mod is the Remote Detonator, which will allow you to press a button and see the car go up in flames.

If you are looking for APB Reloaded weapons, then upgrading to version 14 will be worth your while because there is the Blowtorch, and the Flare Gun.

There are other APB Reloaded mods and weapons, which you can read in detail here.

We mentioned above about new APB Reloaded DLC bundles, which there are several of, such as the Rocker Pack DLC bundle, New Blood Pack and Key to the City Pack.

These are great additions to the game; although we are a little concerned about the latter, as its price is £75. Learn more about these new Bundles on Steam.



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