The Last Of Us, GTA V PS3 console bundle ideal after PS4

There are two bundles that are ideal to purchase now that the Sony PS4 has launched and these are The Last Of Us and Grand Theft Auto V PS3 console bundle, which both come at a cheap price following the release of the PS4 in the USA.

It is nice to see some bundles like this seeing as though some of have had the PS4 shoved down their throats, when there is still a perfectly good games consoles from Sony still on the market, and will be for a long time yet.

The first bundle that we have come across and can be purchased in many retails outlets right now is the 250GB PS3 Holiday Bundle, which comes with two games in the box, The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Origins.

This package gives you the best of both worlds because you get one game, The Last of Us that is 5 months old, and Batman: Arkham Origins that is one of the latest PlayStation 3 releases.

This 500GB PS3 with GTA V console bundle will not come with the vertical stand
This 500GB PS3 with GTA V console bundle will not come with the vertical stand

If that bundle does not appeal to you, then how could you turn down the 500GB PS3 with GTA V Console Bundle – unless you are purchasing the console for a young child? The latest game from the Grand Theft Auto franchise is said to be one of the best yet thanks to improved graphics, a larger map and more importantly, the new Online feature that adds a multiplayer element.

We can understand that some gamers are frustrated that GTA V has yet to be released on the PS4 or Xbox One because these would be the perfect game to go to next-gen. Rockstar has not giving any details as to when they will announce a PS4 or Xbox One release date for GTA V, but we know the lack of support has swayed people’s decision to purchase a next generation console for the time being.

If your child or teen doesn’t own a PS3 or PS3 console, then this might be the best time to purchase a PlayStation 3 console considering next-gen just helped them get cheaper.



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