Ryse: Son of Rome vs. Killzone: Shadow Fall debate

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2013

If you have been lucky enough to pick up a PS4 or Xbox One console at launch without any problems whatsoever, two games that you are probably getting stuck into right now are Ryse: Son of Rome and Killzone Shadow Fall. Both games look fantastic close-up, but it appears a debate has started on which game actually looks better in a graphics standoff.

It’s a known fact that while Ryse is confirmed to be running at 900p, Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4 will be outputted at a higher resolution with 1080p visuals. However, many Xbox One fans have argued that this necessarily doesn’t mean that Killzone Shadow Fall looks better in a direct comparison.

It wouldn’t be a lie to probably say that Ryse is the best-looking Xbox One game out of all the launch titles. The game may have received mixed reviews, but critics were united in saying that the facial graphics were second to none.

Killzone Shadow Fall on the other hand is also up there as one of the top 3 best looking PS4 games from the launch list. Which one gets the edge though in your opinion, if you have been lucky enough to play both?


We’ve heard from some fans who believe that Ryse has the edge here, featuring better overall graphics in comparison areas such as forestry for example. We’ve also been told by many of you that Ryse has the better character models between the two games – would you agree with this?

Once we get a clear video comparison showing the two games we’ll add it below. For now, tell us which game you think looks better based on your experience with either game so far.

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  • Callum Norris

    without a doubt killzone is much superior

  • John

    Fun will be had on both games whether or not one looks better than the other

  • marhorn

    Actually the best launch game graphics has already been confirmed as Forza.

    • albatrosMyster

      Forza Bullshots looked really nice, however in the actual screenshots it barely look better than forza 4 (the ones with the crowds from mortal kombat 1 and the cardboard houses on the side of the street… not impressive at all).

      • marhorn

        No, actually I have Forza 5 and without a shadow of a doubt it is the best graphics in the whole launch line up (Ps4 included) This has been confirmed..

        • albatrosMyster

          Where by who? I did not realize that pre-backed lighting and cardboard crowds were so new!

          At this rate Forza 6 will look like the original Outrun on the xBox Two! (but it will run in 4K resolution).

  • ps4alltheway

    confirmed to be running at 900p omg well that says it all ps4 1080p must i say any more

  • Modi

    First of all the games are different in type, killzone is a shooter and ryse a action rpg ting. I think people are forgetting what games are about which is the story and not so much the graphics, although graphics are of course a essential element. Ryse looks great but has a wall story and a bad combat system, were as killzone lacks level difficulty. Yes graphics matters but let’s get back to what games really are about 🙂

    • albatrosMyster

      Of the two I only played Killzone SF, the graphics in this game are amazing, the gameplay is varied and stimulating, the levels are huge, detailed and you can approach them in many different ways (meaning there is some replay-ability). In short I am having a good time with it and I think it would deserve to be considered at least a good launch game, despite some flaws in the story line and acting.

      Rise, well I do not have an xbox1, graphically it looks great, I will not comment on the gameplay aspect of it, but most reviewers do not seem to find much in therms of redeeming qualities to its shortcoming.

      I would say that one’s appreciation of the look of one game over another is more telling of a preference of an art style over another… Technically speaking, I think that the facial animations in KZ are stiff, but this is more a question of budget than technology (great facial animations can be done on the ps360).

      Technology wise Killzone SF is just up there at the top of the line right now, the lighting and reflections are the most realist and impressive I have ever seen in a game, the game runs in full 1080p + a good AA solution with a decent frame rate that hovers around 40fps in singleplayer and 50 in SP, with all these effects (raytraced reflections, very detailed materials, dynamic lighting, ray casted sound effects, blended animations, in wide open areas).

      Crytek did not publish as much information about the tech used specifically in Ryse, we know their engine permits a lot of the same, so assuming all else is equal, we know that Ryse runs at a lower resolution, has lower frame rate and a much more limited play area, it has to be less demanding on the system on the which it is running.

  • Israel Lopez

    This guy is delusional. Ps4 does not have better hardware. Time will show games will look identical on both consoles, because their hardware is nearly identical, except for the superior Kinect.

    • Keith McDonnell

      On paper the ps4 does have better hardware lol?

    • Keith McDonnell

      Im not saying the ps4 is better and im not saying the Xbone is better im just saying that the specs on paper make the ps4 better but its going to be personal choice after that and the game line up simple as

    • albatrosMyster

      I do not think you have been following, the xb1 is pretty weak compared to the PS4 AS WELL as being hard to work with, dut to the following:

      – Memory speed and architecture (esram is to ddr3 what a wheelchair for an handicapped person, it’s better than nothing, but it’s certainly not as fast and flexible as legs).
      – Weaker GPU (12 compute units against 18, 16 ROPS against 32, etc.)
      – On the bright side, the CPU and GPUs are reportedly clocked a little higher on the xbox one, 10% more is a little pathetic in these circumstances, no matter that PR says.

      Kinect so far has not proven to be very useful, expect that it reserves resources on the GPU (for GPGPU compute resources to analyse the data gathered by the camera and sensors at all time + resources on the shape audio chip), so not only is the GPU about 30 to 50% slower, it waste around 10%, ms stated it would be reduced in the future, of its available power for kinect.

      So far the games speak for themselves, xb1 games typically run at lower resolution, frame rate and with less effects on the screen… I would not expect things to get better as games become more complicated as the generation advances ie, bigger textures and more complicated physics simulations do not scale well when your architecture already has trouble keeping up with the early games on the system…

      • Israel Lopez

        No, actually it might be you who hasn’t been following up because Microsoft never released official specs, the only official piece of information is the fact the processor is running at a higher clock on the Xbox One but still it is the same CPU as Ps4’s. What more proof do you need than just comparing Ryse or Forza 5 to Killzone? Killzone is Sony’s only important exclusive launch game and certainly Forza 5 AND Ryse look better, whether they are natively running at 1080p or anything less and getting up scaled (I have seen this first hand on my TV).

        So far Xbox One isn’t only the one with the best looking exclusives, the best controller, and the one with the best exclusive lineup, but also the best at handling entertainment, the faster at switching between open apps and the faster to start up too. Xbox One’s rate of damaged consoles seems to be lower than Ps4’s too and Xbox Live wasn’t down at all during launch weekend, unlike PSN which was down for over 48 hours (I couldn’t update the console for two whole days! Meanwhile, as soon as I got home with Xbox One after midnight, the update downloaded instantaneously). Let’s not forget Kinect is there not only to turn on the Console, but pretty much control every single app and with a nearly unlimited set of commands Ps4’s eye could only dream of. And this thing responds and interacts to motion in ways Xbox 360 could only dream of)

        If you want to throw around fan-boy specs and images that aren’t official go right ahead. Tell me when was the last time the speed of RAM (IF Xbox One’s really is DDR3 vs Ps4’s GDDR5) was relevant say, in PC gaming? All that matters is the processor, the video card, and the hard drive speed, you could have DDR2 or DDR3 or DDR4 RAM and you wouldn’t notice a difference, though I’ll admit the only true noticeable change with RAM speed was from DDR to DDR2. When did you find a noticeable difference between the same video card, one with GDDR5 and the other DDR3? The difference is pretty much in-existent no matter what each one’s specs say on paper.

        Don’t forget the fact that Xbox One is backed up with Xbox Live’s Windows Azure servers. Microsoft said they aren’t there just to host online games, but also to offload any processing power to the cloud if games ever get too demanding for the console, as well as some future Xbox 360 and Xbox One games streaming service to Windows Phones and Windows 8 Computers… so pretty much that boosts One’s power well above anything Ps4 has now.

        You want to argue multiplatform titles like COD: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are running at a higher res on Ps4? They still aren’t running at full 1080p on Ps4, and that is mostly to be blamed on two things: First these games were designed with the last gen in mind, Xbox 360 and Ps3, therefore not optimized for One’s architecture or Ps4’s. Second, developers didn’t have Xbox One dev-kits until much later than Ps4’s arrived, so they had more time to fix stuff on Ps4 official dev-kits, while using a computer to develop games for Xbox One.

        I own all consoles, even the Wii U(which is as good as dead, re-releasing Wind Waker? What the heck? They should have re-made Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask instead!), so I am not a fanboy of any, but clearly since Xbox exists it has been the one to deliver the best games (though every console has their gems) and the best extras overall, but just like Xbox 360 “was underpowered next to Ps3”, still all multiplatform games performed better on Xbox 360 than they did on Ps3. You can argue last gen’s best graphics were on this year’s Beyond Two Souls, but you can’t forget that it isn’t a game, it is very linear, it is like an interactive movie, so CPU and GPU resources can be spent on graphics and animations alone, unlike any other game.

        Time will tell what happens. I remember Sony’s lies through the years, promising Ps2 would deliver Toy Story level graphics when the Dreamcast was out to kill Sega’s sales. Promising Ps3 games would look so much better because of the god-like Cell processor, yet Xbox 360 turned out to look identical and perform better many times, and now with Ps4 I don’t believe anything they say. I will buy all multiplatform titles for Xbox One, not Wii U or Ps4. I am not going to pay for PSN and online gaming while I am already fully invested in Xbox Live. So far I own 6 Xbox One games and Killer Instinct and Kinect Sports PreSeason which are free. Only one Ps4 game, Killzone. I appreciate all the extras One does, integrating music, movies, TV and apps. The $500 are much better spent compared to a machine just focused on gaming.

        • StewDaddy64

          Wow. Why don’t you just get rid of your PS4 if you hate Sony so much? You’re clearly an Xbox One fanboy troll trying to stir up controversy.

        • Israel Lopez

          Do you own the Original Xbox? The Xbox 360? Will you ever buy any of those or the Xbox One? Do you own the Gamecube, Wii or the Wii U? If you own a Ps2/Ps3/Ps4 and can’t answer to any of those questions with a yes, then the fanboy is you. I have the Ps4 because I always buy all the consoles, and because I am waiting for the next Uncharted, whatever Quantic Dreams creates next and Gran Turismo, obviously. The fanboy must be you, so get out of here before calling other people what you really are. Ps4 is inferior to Xbox One and I own them both, so I can say whatever I want about each, it has no good exclusives right now beyond Killzone and it looks like it will stay like that for a while. I bought a Ps3 just for MGS4 and playing Blu Rays, but then ran accross some good games too, though I prefer Xbox Exclusives overall. I hate that games must be installed on both consoles taking close to 50GB each time instead of running off the disc, and on the Xbox One’s case I don’t like the lack of Facebook-Achievement Sharing integration (which 360 has, I am sure it will come back soon) and the absence of some apps the 360 has had for a while, but other than that the Xbox One is in great shape, especially with the games that are coming soon. Facts are facts, and I have had both consoles since day one. Have you? If you want to defend Ps4 with lies, then go ahead. I am talking from first hand experience.

        • Josh101

          Whaaaaat?? Um. Ps4 Gpu 20 compute units with 18 usable for graphics.. XboxOne 12. GPU = Graphics processing unit. These are facts. The PS4 is more powerful. Hands down. No argument. Period. GDDR5 ram straight to CPU/GPU on die is far superior to DDR3 + NAND + 32 Mb of ESRAM. This is non-debatable. These are facts. The 32Mb of ESRAM is a bottleneck for life and is not efficient at pushing games at 1080P due to using it as a framebuffer. Get your facts straight.

        • StewDaddy64

          What exactly makes the PS4 inferior in your opinion? I personally owned both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 until I sold my PS3 towards getting the money for an Xbox One. I think both systems have almost identical graphical capabilities based on unbiased reviews from major sources I have read online. So what makes you think that just because of one game, by a company apparently known for exceptional graphics anyway, that the Xbox One is already the winner on the graphics front? I will concede on many fronts the Xbox One does win for people who are looking for an all in one entertainment console (ui, multitasking, Kinect, etc.). But to say that not only will you be getting all multipolar form games on Xbox One (which is your personal decision and I won’t begrudge you for it) based on graphics when the two consoles have nearly identical (and honestly, most sources DO say the PS3 has a slight advantage in the graphics and processing department, just accept itl) is just outrageous. Eventually I believe we will see a slight advantage to Sony in the graphics dept. on exclusives. Just read any major media source and they will tell you Sony has an advantage. But it’s nothing major, so please just stop trying to defend the Xbox One so vehemently. It’s not necessary. Both consoles have great graphics; PS4 is just slightly better.

        • Fact Man

          PS4 is more powerful…it’s not a rumour but a given fact. Corss platform games prove it..games run at higher resolutions on the ps4 while the xbox one can only handle ps4 equivalent graphics at lower resolutions.

        • Coolplayer4444

          Why are you wasting your time writing to this guy? He sounds stupid and keeps on rambling about how great Xbox is to PS4. I think both of them are great.

        • Joe

          I have to agree with stewDaddy. I’ve owned a console from each company. I was a diehard Xbox fan, but then they turned evil, overcharged us for everything and tried to force Kinnect down my throat and slip in to the terms and conditions that they could spy on me through the kinnect and if a hacker broke in & spied on me then they wouldn’t do anything. You’re argument that developers had less time with the xboxone kit just supports the fact that Microsoft are idiotic, not that xboxone is better, if anything it means it’s worse. PS4 is more powerful: fact. Xboxone is more expensive & forces people to have the kinnect even of they don’t want it: fact. You are clearly rich due to being able to buy all consoles just like that: fact. Microsoft is just annoying, delusional and possibly evil: fact. All that you’ve done here is post stuff that would obviously receive angry responses, but sorry, you’re not fooling me, you’re not fooling stewDaddy, you’re not fooling anyone with a brain – even my friend who is a diehard Xbox fan now & forever admits that it’s stupid that they’re trying to force feed people the kinnect & the PS4

        • jdp

          god of war, the last of us, uncharted, gran turismo, rachet and clank,resentance,killzone,infermous. xbox halo,gears of war,fable

        • albatrosMyster

          Wow cloud powerz and secret sauce in the same rant… just wow… thanks for enlightening us!

        • Coolplayer4444

          Killzone is awesome! You write 7 paragraphs that don’t make me switch from buying PS4 to Xbox.

    • jdp

      ps4 has 8 gigs of ddr5 ram xbox one has ddr3 ram. ps4 a little bit more powerful

    • Andy Montanez

      Ps4 doesn’t have better hardware? “Superior kinect”? Sounds like your the delusional one bud.

  • FeCor

    Ryse uses Crytek engine and Killzone doesn’t use a propietary engine so I believe is not a fair comparison.

  • Manuel Torres

    Crytek is known for pushing a console to its limits, same with Guerilla. It’s hard comparing a fps and a third person action game. Both look amazing. I can’t wait to see what Crytek will do with better hardware on the ps4

    • ps4alltheway

      wat he says I can’t wait to see what Crytek will do with better hardware on the ps4

    • Israel Lopez

      They won’t do anything with Ps4, and it’s no better hardware so don’t expect 8 years from now to see better graphics on either the Xbox One or Ps4, you will see the same. Need a more oranges to oranges comparison? Look at Forza 5 and Drive Club. Forza 5 vehicles are more detailed and look closer to real life, and its lightning is less like photos and more natural, the opposite goes to Drive Club though no one can say it looks bad at all. So far the more realistic, better, more detailed graphics have been on Xbox One with Ryse and Forza 5. As to why you will never see Crytek doing anything for Ps4, in an interview for Game Informer over a year ago, Crytek said after 2014 it is not making console games anymore. They are focusing on PC only… on free online games.

      • Christopher

        Xbox One Specs.

        CPU – Customized 8 core Jaguar CPU at 1.75GHz.

        GPU – Customized GPU with performance similiar to Radeon 7790 having:

        16 ROPS

        12 compute units

        768 shader units

        2 ACE/16 queues

        RAM – 8gb DDR3 at 68g/s ,eSRAM at 102g/s

        FLOPS : 1.3 TF (10% of the system resources dedicated to Kinect )

        PS4 Specs.

        CPU – Customized 8 core Jaguar CPU at 1.6GHz.

        GPU – Customized GPU with performance similiar to Radeon 7870 having :

        32 ROPS

        18 compute units

        1152 shader units

        8 ACE/64 queues

        RAM – 8gb GDDR5 at 176g/s

        FLOPS : 1.84 TF

        That’s not true. The ps4’s hardware is superior, it’s not hard to look this stuff up.