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iPad Air vs. iPad mini Retina endures on YouTube

We have already had a look at how the iPad Air and mini with Retina will compare in terms of sales over the Christmas period. However, in the last week we have seen two very informative videos uploaded to YouTube taking a detailed look at the iPad Air vs. iPad mini with Retina display, so if you wonder what the differences are in terms of specs and user experience then take a look below this article.

The first video conducts a series of performance and benchmark tests, which should help you decide which iPad is right for you. The first part of the video takes a look at the exterior design of each Apple tablet, as well is giving you the chance to see just how different these tablets are in terms of size.

We pretty much know the differences with the exterior and as such are more interested in the hardware, and so are happy to see an iPad Air vs. iPad mini with Retina boot up test, and it is no surprise that they start up at pretty much the same time because they have the same processor.

iPad Air vs. iPad mini Retina

We would advise you to keep watching the video as you get to see a few benchmark tests, which will give you a better idea of just how different in terms of performance these two tablets are.

The second video is pretty much the same, but approaches the review comparison in a different way; we especially like the start with its retro feel. The reviewer does find it hard to choose between the two as they both cater for different needs, and so has decided to keep both tablets.

We hope both these videos will help you come to the right decision, and if so then please tell us which tablet you will be getting?



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