GTA V 1.07 patch needs Heists and additional features

By Peter Chubb - Nov 24, 2013

So we have already discussed how GTA V 1.06 was released in unison with the Beach Bum DLC and to fans disappointment did not offer Heists that they were so hoping for. As yet there is no sign of its release date, but we have to ask if you think the GTA V 1.07 patch with its new features could be released at the same time as new DLC, which could include Heists.

While some people are happy that Heists has not been released yet because they are able to do other things, it also gives them something to look forward to. There is still so much fun to be had with GTA Online, but there is no getting away from the fact that a huge element of the game is still missing.

Let’s not be too hard on Rockstar for delaying the release of Heists because they did say a while ago that Grand Theft Auto V was unfinished when it was released and so is a working progress.

We can’t say for certain when Heists will be released, but surely it’s better for Rockstar to take time to get it right rather than rush its release? Remember, Online was delayed by two weeks because the developer was unhappy with a few elements.

The release date and content for the GTA V 1.07 is unknown to us, or if it could be released alongside a new DLC to include Heists, but we do know that additional features are needed.

For some fans the Grand Theft Auto 5 1.07 patch is needed sooner rather than later and when it is released its new additions needs to have the community in mind.

Some of the complaints help to give an idea of just what the community want, some of which include making mission payouts fair, balanced payouts of races, a way to store helicopters and large vehicles, increased mods to LS Customs and the addiction of purchased police vehicles on Warstock.

These are just a few ideas of what is needed in the next GTA V patch, but what you would you like to see added?

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  • Ethan Whitesell

    Well good going R*. You promised us 3 MONTHS ago that we would get heists. And now you consol ban every person that did a money glitch. Then you whine why nobody buys your stupid, overpriced Moneypacks. Everyone Watch out because knowing R*’s latest B.S. the pay-out will be reduce from 2 mil, to like 800k. GOOD GOING ROCK STAR.

  • Unknow

    They should seriously reconsider the number of days we spend in the Bad Sport. What’s the point of staying there 7-8 days -_-

    • Dirty

      I know it sucks, but it’s called being punished. Stop blowing up ppls personal cars and you won’t be labeled a bad sport. I think it’s just to poke fun at PETA. You can shoot ppls horses in RDR, but you get punished if you destroy their vehicle

  • Chris Mok

    After the path, I find that I will focus on my dead body after I died in the mission but cannot swipe to other players.

  • Deamon

    They should give us neon lights and decals for cars

  • Felipoe_82

    They should add the Hydra for VTOL’s, upgrade the speed of cars and not only the acceleration, open the casino, prison and a way to get out of fort zancudo into a car. GTA V has a lot of potential and things to upgrade 🙂

  • Asdriftking24

    Some more cars would be cool

  • Sanampreet

    I just want heists 🙁

    • Perfetti13 (YT Acc)

      That’s just good, now you can earn money for ammo,guns,cars,clothes etc..

  • Brandon

    Man I think i’m going back to GTA IV because GTA V is a huge disappointment, I mean they delayed it for nearly 6 months as it was supposed to come out in spring and when online came out it had a ton of bugs

    • Lee Vitout

      Sorry, must have missed heists in GTA IV! Not to mention all the better things that GTA V has over GTA IV. Stop your moaning and go back to GTA IV if that’s what you want.

  • Joe

    Sold it, bought GTA4 back.

  • tj

    This game is boring as hell now since they cut the money down on races.

  • jag

    increase the amount of money and rp in a race because people want to do races to level up and get money fast i recommend x5 every race and you could have rapid fire for guns aswell

  • chris

    So this is OK right? So much stuff missing.
    But wait its not OK to pay let’s say 30 dollars and then pay the rest?
    Yea I thought so
    And who ever says they didn’t know how many people were going to be online its bs I mean come on its GTA of course half the world was going to be online.


    To be honest, i think they need to create better missions in online mode before they think about anything else because they are very repetative and really quite boring

  • ceedoubleyou

    I’m looking forward to heists, but this is ridiculous: The game came out two and a half months ago.

    My opinion is that R* should have had the entire game ready at launch instead of asking us to pay the entire price while they took their time working out the bugs and glitches. I still love the game, it’s an amazing accomplishment, but I’ve honestly never played a game that so often nerfed or changed the parameters of its gameplay so often or in such a short period of time.

    • mr_chsaw

      Not pay the entire price? Seriously? If this game did not offer an online mode it would still be worth $60.

  • Sharx_n15

    Jetpack cheat needs to come back from gta San Andreas! GTA San Andreas (PS2) had a lot of things that have been lost throughout the years it’s a shame because a lot of it were really good and fun such as the GYM and being able to control ur weight, the fighting skills, NOS on cars!

  • kaiserbenku

    r* did advertise hiests in online game play 3 months before the game was ever released but I think they are milking it as long as they can to make as much coin as possible, they need to do a endless amount of work to make this game more interesting like more weapons individual weapons skills like in gta 3 and the ability to hold 2 of certin guns at one time, pistols Uzis ect, also nos 4 cars death matches that are customized only for one type of weapon to help get stats up for lesser used weapons and a respect metre for the more skilled crews so other crews can challenge them hunt them down ect

  • J.

    I’ve already became bored with this game. I really really liked the career mode. I find online to be repetitive and very repetitive. Ive yet to find a gang that is fun to play with, most are either cliques of people from their local area while the larger ones really dont give much benefit other than getting points quicker.

    Career was amazing. Online is boring and mostly people killing each other or stealing jets. There is no feel of a city to it. Nothing like they advertised. Very disappointed.

  • bashmezz93

    They should make it so you can buy more than one property my garage is full and their is still more cars that i really want to customise.

  • CptD3FAULT

    Heists feels like the best part of free roam. Seriously this just shows how much they rushed in the online version for marketing reasons. Honestly first day launch was by far the worst launch day I have ever seen in any online game. The issues were unbelievable. They should have worked on it longer and this would have never happened. I thought Rockstar Games were better than this. Maybe they are still new to the whole online thing, I don’t know but they should have been at least prepared at least.

    • alson

      i agree with you 100% and its not there first online game they have max payne and red dead too

    • Jordan Huard

      Nobody knew how many people were going to be playing online that day. It was more than there ever has been for any game. It had never happened before. It was literally impossible to prepare for something like that.

      • sikemike03


  • RebelMind

    There shouldn’t be any reason why the heists shouldn’t be released asap. Lets be real here for a moment, wasn’t heist gameplay footage shown to Gta fans across the world even way before its release? This journalist is trying to make it seem like the heists are some expansive new game in itself for R* to take time to get right, but honestly I’m not even expecting the heists to be anymore impressive then any other co op mission in the Online portion of the game, that being said R* delaying its own mini project is pretty pathetic, and misleading.

    • GRUMPlG

      if heists were released really early everyone would do them and rockstar want people to experience everything the game has to offer, also if they had everything done at the beginning, people would get bored easier in a year or so, if they release the big content bit by bit, they will bring in people that have stopped playing the game and get them back into the game. Rockstar are not stupid, they have a good reason for everything that has and will happen in gta V

  • Tristan Inglesfield

    You should be able to store jet fighters

    • Getting Bored Of Career Mode

      you could do it but it was patched but if you buy one you never lose it

    • ceedoubleyou

      I’ve managed to store a jet in career mode. I keep thinking it will eventually disappear (and it probably will), but I’ve had it for about three weeks. Though whenever I steal another jet, that never saves.