GTA V 1.07 patch needs Heists and additional features

So we have already discussed how GTA V 1.06 was released in unison with the Beach Bum DLC and to fans disappointment did not offer Heists that they were so hoping for. As yet there is no sign of its release date, but we have to ask if you think the GTA V 1.07 patch with its new features could be released at the same time as new DLC, which could include Heists.

While some people are happy that Heists has not been released yet because they are able to do other things, it also gives them something to look forward to. There is still so much fun to be had with GTA Online, but there is no getting away from the fact that a huge element of the game is still missing.

Let’s not be too hard on Rockstar for delaying the release of Heists because they did say a while ago that Grand Theft Auto V was unfinished when it was released and so is a working progress.

We can’t say for certain when Heists will be released, but surely it’s better for Rockstar to take time to get it right rather than rush its release? Remember, Online was delayed by two weeks because the developer was unhappy with a few elements.

The release date and content for the GTA V 1.07 is unknown to us, or if it could be released alongside a new DLC to include Heists, but we do know that additional features are needed.

For some fans the Grand Theft Auto 5 1.07 patch is needed sooner rather than later and when it is released its new additions needs to have the community in mind.

Some of the complaints help to give an idea of just what the community want, some of which include making mission payouts fair, balanced payouts of races, a way to store helicopters and large vehicles, increased mods to LS Customs and the addiction of purchased police vehicles on Warstock.

These are just a few ideas of what is needed in the next GTA V patch, but what you would you like to see added?



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