DUST 514 Uprising 1.7 update reveals new weapons

By Peter Chubb - Nov 24, 2013

It’s been a while since we have spoken about DUST 514 and for that we can only apologize. And to make it up to you we can now offer details on Uprising 1.7 update, such as its release date being nailed and also a look at some of the new weapons we can look forward to next month.

Tha’s right, next month because the DUST 514 Uprising 1.7 update will be released on December 10 and with it two new weapons, the Combat Rifle and the Rail Rifle. The former weapon is for the Minmatar faction, whereas Caldari gets the latter.

It is great to have two new additions and will help complement the Gallente Assault and Amarr Scrambler Rifle. We do like how these weapons are racially aligned and so reacts differently to each race.

These new DUST 514 Uprising weapons can be seen in greater detail on the official website, where you will not only find some striking images, but also the technical specifications.

You will learn the damage and range profiles of these weapons, along with concept artwork that see these weapons of Uprising 1.7 go from concept to inclusion within the game.

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