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Broken Xbox One disc drive compilation goes viral

Are you one of the unfortunate Xbox One launch buyers who found out immediately after purchase that you have a broken Xbox One disc drive? Microsoft has said that it’s a minor problem, but we can see from the amount of complaints that this is turning into a fairly big issue for the company.

As we told you in a previous article here, some consoles have been shipping with a broken disc drive. This problem involves the system not reading discs, combined with an audio sound that sounds like the system is eating up Xbox One discs.

While Microsoft continues to investigate the problem and promising replacement consoles for everyone, it looks like one broken Xbox One disc drive compilation video has gone viral.

Below we’ve included the video that merges all of the disc drive issues into one – collecting all of the different disc drive sounds in the process. How long is it going to be until somebody makes a song out of all of this?

It’s obviously not a funny situation for those with a broken console, but you have to find the video slightly amusing at the same time. Let’s hope that everyone will receive a new system in the days to come, but in the meantime watch the clip below, enjoy it and give us your thoughts.



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