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BF4 Second Assault DLC on Xbox One, PS4 later

It’s a good time to be a Battlefield 4 Premium member on Xbox One right now. We can confirm that the Second Assault DLC has now gone live, bringing four fan-favorite maps over from BF3, reimagined and rebuilt using the next-gen Frostbite 3 engine.

As we told you in a previous report, Operation Metro on next-gen hardware looks amazing. Second Assault is also going to include three other fantastic maps from BF3 – these are Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm and Gulf of Oman – the map originally included with the Back to Karkand BF3 pack after first showing up on BF2.

If you have a Premium account with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, you’ll be able to download the expansion pack now at no extra cost. Microsoft has managed to get exclusivity on Battlefield 4 this time around, meaning that PS4 users will have to wait several weeks before having the chance to play Second Assault themselves.

Are you willing to pay $50 on Xbox One to get Battlefield Premium? Enjoy the launch trailer below and tell us your early thoughts of the remade maps – are they worth it or not?



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