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Super Mario 3D World secret locations with Zelda

It looks like there are some very happy Nintendo Wii U owners out there. Super Mario 3D World has just released in the US and it could be the best Mario game to release since Mario 64 on the N64. Now we have a heads-up on one amazing secret that has been found in the game – related to Zelda.

Mario games are infamous for including one or two secrets and this one is arguably the best that we have seen in recent years. At one point in the game, there is a secret level to be unlocked that features Link from the Zelda games.

It not only features Link, but it also features the iconic chest opening sound, as well as the main Zelda theme that we all grew up loving from the SNES days. Watch the video below to see what we mean – the location of this level is within the 1st stage of Rainbow world, but you will need to complete the game once to access it.

Is this the coolest secret that Nintendo has added into Super Mario 3D World? Enjoy it and let us know what else you have spotted below.



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