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PS4 Vs Xbox One after debatable user reviews

So the dust is now starting to settle somewhat after the US launches for the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Although overall reviews have been very praiseworthy for both consoles, we have also heard about numerous problems inflicting launch buyers at the same time.

For those that are not having any problems with the PS4 or Xbox 360, you are probably having the time of your life playing games such as Killzone Shadow Fall, Forza 5 or Call of Duty Ghosts.

For the minority that are having problems though, those launch dreams may have turned into nightmares in the space of a few hours after realizing that the console you saved up so much money for, simply doesn’t work out of the box.

Head to user reviews for the PS4 here and Xbox One here over at Amazon, and you’ll see that there is a troubling number of low-review scores from those that didn’t want to leave negative feedback, but simply had to in the end after finding out that their console doesn’t work.

For the ‘smart’ ones that have chosen to skip buying a launch console until later on next year, we now want to hear from you. How does it feel seeing that your prospective PS4 or Xbox One purchase has been the subject of early issues?

Have you been reading through these user reviews carefully and will base your future purchase decision upon them, or are you totally undeterred by the 1-star reviews and will still buy your console when the time is right?



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