Playing PS4 games on an Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2013

Next-generation gaming is finally here after years of waiting. The PS4 and Xbox One are finally available to buy in the US, but did u know that the Xbox One has an interesting feature, essentially allowing you to play your PS4 games through the Xbox One?

It sounds bizarre, but this is really a fact and it’s all down to Microsoft’s confirmation of the HDMI pass-through feature of the Xbox One. Most of you may have already known about this prior to launch, but now we’re pleased to be able to show you how this works on video.

Below you will see a user who has his PS4 set up in the TV section of the Xbox One, essentially allowing him to switch between Xbox One gaming and PS4 gaming at free will. It looks awesome and could be one major feature of the Xbox One in terms of convenience once gamers start to see its benefits.

Watch this interesting clip below and let us know if you knew this was possible on the Xbox One. Will you be trying this out over the weekend?

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  • Rich Beliveau

    Is he still using the XBOX One controller to play the PS4 games or did he just switch controllers? That would be a huge draw if you could still be doing everything from 1 controller.

  • Rockstar

    he isn’t playing any ps4 games on the xbox one. he still needed to have both systems and have them hooked up to different out puts. and he is just switching between the different outputs

  • jamie

    So you still need a Ps4. Boo :-(. I got my hopes up for Playing GT6 on my Xbox lol