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LG 47LN5200 HDTV review offers specs overview

We are continuing our television watch now over this month, with another TV for you to consider. This time, we look at the LG 47LN5200 HDTV, with reviews suggesting that this TV could offer very good specs and value for its asking price on the market.

We have already told you about some other LG TV sets that belong to the same LN5200 range. These include the 42-inch model shown here, and also a larger 50-inch model in case some of you are looking to spend a bit more this month.

The 47-inch LG 47LN5200 HDTV obviously fits in between the models listed above, so specs are largely going to be the same – it’s all about display size preference basically. To give you a quick reminder though, this 47-inch LED model will include full 1080p HD resolution, 2 HDMI ports, a 60 Hz refresh rate and a smart energy saving function.

It’s perfectly acceptable as a replacement gaming TV, either in the living room for the bedroom. To give you a more visual breakdown of what this TV offers, we’ve included a LG 47LN5200 HDTV video review for you below which you may find useful.

If you are on the hunt for a new LG TV this month, let us know if you are considering this 47-inch model. Would you choose LG over lesser known brands such as Westinghouse, Seiki and Element everytime?



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