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iPhone 6 may have a 4.9-inch display

Apple may have have released their iPhone 5S upgrade with the same 4-inch display, but the rumors are not going away about the company possibly upgrading to even bigger screens in the future. We have mentioned about this in the past, but this time we’re hearing new rumors that the iPhone 6 could specifically be built with a display measuring 4.9-inches in size.

Last week we told you about some iPhone 6 concept designs that had started to surface. Now though, we are starting to see some more concrete evidence that Apple is already building the next-generation iPhone behind closed doors.

A rumor surfacing from China suggests that Apple is building a 4.9-inch iPhone 6, with prototypes currently doing the rounds at Apple’s factories. It’s not the first time that we have heard about Apple experimenting with bigger screens though.

Back in September we told you about bold claims made by the Wall Street Journal that Apple would be planning to release the iPhone 6 with a 6-inch display. On top of that, just a few days ago we told you that Apple could even opt to offer a 12-inch iPad ‘Pro’ to consumers as well.

Presuming that these reports are accurate, we could be seeing Apple take a page out of Samsung’s book by offering a whole slew of iPhones and iPads with varying display sizes.

In terms of your preference though, would you choose a 6-inch or a 4.9-inch iPhone 6? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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