COD Ghosts PS4 gameplay on PS Vita in 1080p

How are you enjoying your PS4 experience so far? One of the most exciting aspects of the console is undoubtedly the ability to play practically any PS4 game straight on the PS Vita using Remote Play. Now, we have a quick heads-up on how this looks with the stunning 1080p COD Ghosts story mode.

You may remember earlier this week that we told you the PS4 version of the game received a patch to bring the story mode up to 1080p native, along with multiplayer. It looks fantastic as well with the new patch, but what about when playing on the gorgeous 5-inch OLED Vita?

We can’t believe how good Remote Play now is on the Vita after the PS4 launch. We thought it could be a game changer for Sony’s handheld and you only need to look at the clip below to see the potential of this new feature.

If you previously were not interested in Remote Play before, just have a look and then tell us that this isn’t impressive. There may be one or two lag issues at times, but mostly you’ll be able to stream your entire PS4 collection on Vita with no problems.

Will you be trying out this feature over the weekend?



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