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Xbox One UK launch crushes last-gen

The Xbox One UK launch took place at midnight, which saw a huge number of gamers descend on stores to pick up their next-gen consoles that they had pre-ordered. Things must have been better than expected because GAME has come out and said the results look very positive and that launch sales will beat the last-gen console.

GAME boss Ian Chambers said that the excitement could be felt from the gamers who were waiting outside stores even before midnight, and even more so once they had the Xbox One in their hands – well the box.

UK pre-order sales have hit an all-time high for a console launch; it is plain to see that these numbers will beat the Xbox 360 UK launch.

It doesn’t end there because there is still a chance for you to pre-order an Xbox One in time for you to receive it before Christmas. However, we would advise you to get that order in during November because any later could be leaving it a bit tight.

We’d love to know if you are happy with your Xbox One, and if you have been experiencing any issues, such as with ejecting discs?



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