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Xbox One problems start with disc read horror

While Sony may have come under some heat with the PS4 and the now infamous flashing blue light and red light problems, it now appears that Microsoft may have a potential problem on their hands too. Videos are starting to emerge, as well as complaints on Twitter that some Xbox One consoles are prone to a disc-reading problem.

While we wait for Microsoft to verify the complaints and give a similar percentage quote as to what Sony offered, just watch the video and see for yourself.

This Vine clip shows the Xbox One unable to read a disc, whilst also making a rather scary noise that obviously doesn’t sound like normal operation to us – unmute the video to hear the sound as it’s set off by default.

The sound has been likened to a ‘motorbike starting its engine’. It’s not just one case either as you’ll see in another video below showing the exact same problem. So far Microsoft has not issued a statement on the matter, but they may have to act fast if more reports come in.

We saw plenty of criticism aimed at Sony when it became apparent that some users were having issues. Now we see the same thing happening with the Xbox One console – whatever happened to smooth launches, is there no such thing anymore?

As we await further details on this, let us know your status on your own Xbox One console at the moment. Are you having disc-read problems as shown in the videos or not?



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