Xbox One problems start with disc read horror

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2013

While Sony may have come under some heat with the PS4 and the now infamous flashing blue light and red light problems, it now appears that Microsoft may have a potential problem on their hands too. Videos are starting to emerge, as well as complaints on Twitter that some Xbox One consoles are prone to a disc-reading problem.

While we wait for Microsoft to verify the complaints and give a similar percentage quote as to what Sony offered, just watch the video and see for yourself.

This Vine clip shows the Xbox One unable to read a disc, whilst also making a rather scary noise that obviously doesn’t sound like normal operation to us – unmute the video to hear the sound as it’s set off by default.

The sound has been likened to a ‘motorbike starting its engine’. It’s not just one case either as you’ll see in another video below showing the exact same problem. So far Microsoft has not issued a statement on the matter, but they may have to act fast if more reports come in.

We saw plenty of criticism aimed at Sony when it became apparent that some users were having issues. Now we see the same thing happening with the Xbox One console – whatever happened to smooth launches, is there no such thing anymore?

As we await further details on this, let us know your status on your own Xbox One console at the moment. Are you having disc-read problems as shown in the videos or not?

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  • mega

    Just pull gently on the dsk as it tugs it in fot 1 to 1.5 secs its a load track issue this should pull on the dsk n the rollers will get on trac n pull the dsk in crrectly n load up every time

  • G nic

    Mine won’t read any disks, doesn’t grind tho. Things been a toilet from day one

  • 55555

    Mine doesnt make the noise but wont read cod ghosts or dead rising

  • Ruddiger

    I’ve had to exchange mine twice now. I’m just bringing it back to the store, but MS should be giving me a rebate on all the bandwidth I’ve used to download stuff. Let’s not even start talking about EA and the Battlefield fiasco that’s still not solved.

  • jewlz

    wow im really sorry guys i got the day one edition works perfectly only thing that has been happening to me is after a game of conquest on bf4 it will crash and go to the home screen its not anything big just annoying well good luck guys they better get this fix try hitting it on a table a little bit

  • Grez1

    Um, you guys know who makes the tech that goes into the drives that are the problem here, right? Last time I checked, BluRay was Sony’s tech…and now Microsoft has gotten a bad batch of them around the time that there is a big competing launch from Sony…

    …conspiracy theory, anyone? 😉

  • Ron_E

    Based on early Amazon customer reviews, with over 3000 reviews PS4 gets 4.5 out of 5 Stars with a low percentage of failures. And with a little over 300 reviews for XB1, 2.5 out of 5 Stars with about 40% stating failures, and reading some of the 5 Star ratings, some people have said they have not played a game yet. Maybe it is PS4 fans trying to say bad stuff about xbox, but it sure seems like a very high rate of failure. Imagine all the disappointment on Christmas day if the parents don’t test them out first.

  • Derbel

    Both the Ps4 and Xbox One has/had launch day issues. Don’t worry I’m sure it’s just a limited amount.

  • mnielson0507

    Same problem here, drive sounds terrible.

  • mgnexus

    I doubt there has ever been a completely smooth launch of a console…they just didnt launch in the Social Media era where everyone knows everything that happens to everyone else and spreads it like wild fire. We’re only really seeing it since the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 generation onward. I would imagine some of the older consoles had the same failure rate these do, but we were all isolated so the rest of us had no idea =P

  • Mark

    Guess what guys I have the same issue. I had x 3 RROD 360’s so why do I continue to support Microsoft. They clearly have no QA procedures in place.

  • Bertrum

    Mine sounds like the worm drive to move the head is not engaging as if the head has already hit the limit or is jammed. Not fluffy.

  • Josh101

    No way that everyone in the comments are actually experiencing these problems. I honestly expected people all over saying “It’s not true!!” This is real, oh crap. To the bunker!!

  • Smells like Kevin Bacon

    My PS4 works fine.
    Sorry, good luck guys.

  • pm

    The same problem. What are we paying for, really?

  • mike748

    shite mine too , but i dont have this strange noises..

  • Daddy libro

    Exactly the same problem here well not impressed

  • Matthew Butler

    Having the exact same problem. What are we paying for, really?

  • B4ever

    Same here!
    Im very dissapointed,i can’t even play on my Xbox! 🙁

  • Jeff

    Have you tried turning it off n back on? Or hitting it?

  • Trevor Guy Michael

    This is bs mine doesnt work either pist…

  • Xbox for life

    Same problem…

  • Alex

    NO mine doesn’t work either! god damn i had high hopes!

  • gobbles163

    Same problem ahhh

  • Will

    I can deal with some bad drives but hopefully no major hardware issues blow up on Amazon too. I’ll be getting mine tomorrow.

    • Admir Karalic

      Good Luck mate, tell us what happened.

      • Will

        Me and my brother systems worked fine no issues. Same with 2 of our friends as well. Definitely no drive problems for us.

        • Admir Karalic

          Thanks for the reply, it makes my smile knowing that console is performing well after all, let’s just hope no problems come after a few months of usage, that’s the part I’m most scared of.

        • Will

          Np, and Yeah for sure but I feel if it does present some issues their not gonna be heat related. She runs cool & quiet.

        • Admir Karalic

          Wish u best of luck and a lot of fun buddy.