Xbox One bricked after update with “E100” error code

By Peter Chubb - Nov 22, 2013

Having already reported on a major problem with the Xbox One, we thought you would want to know that there are reports of other problems, one of which includes the Xbox One being bricked after its day one patch update.

Seeing headlines like Xbox One bricked after update will not be what Microsoft or next-gen consoles owners would want to hear, especially seeing an “E100” error code, which you can see in the image above.

We are not too certain how widespread this issue is, but one Xbox One owner has said that he managed to brick his console after trying to run the day one patch. Along with the “E100” error code are some other random numbers.

However, when you look at the FAQ on the Microsoft Troubleshoot page it says that it is related to a failed system update, which then states the device, in this case the Xbox One, should be returned to Microsoft.

The original source of the article is being accused of being biased and that one failure is not proof of any other Xbox One consoles becoming bricked. However, having already seen an issue with discs ejecting it will not be long before other problems arise, although we’re not certain if bricked consoles will be one of them.

Do you think this error code is a one-off?

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  • truthify

    While great for headlines early problems with either system should really have little to do with the long term prospects for either.

    I’m going to be picking up one of the two — we’ll see how things play out.

  • XoneR

    Ok, all PS4 users come to tell us, it happened to your XBone just 5 mins ago. 😀

  • Joe VH

    Happened to me too

  • marhorn

    Mine is fine….as is my 8 other friends who got one at launch.

  • bleh

    Oh god. After all the noise xbox fanboys made about the miniscule ps4 hdmi prong problem- they get a REAL one that bricks your console and is unreparable that would be the ultimate karma.

    • slumdog hundredaire

      How would a greater X1 “real” issue be karma if the PS4 issues was so miniscule….?

      • bleh

        Because of after all the fuss and criticism and spam xbots made about it such a tiny problem- now THEY have a real one on their hands. It’s perfect

  • Steve

    Mine is working fine, update went smoothly 🙂

  • d

    This happened to me. Just now. Pissed.