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Titanfall Xbox One release date announcement in December

Having learned at the end of last month that Respawn confirmed that they will not be bringing Titanfall to the PS4, it seems to be a kick in the teeth for PlayStation 4 owners to learn that we could hear an announcement on the games progress in December during Spike VGX.

Respawn boss Geoff Keighley took to Twitter as part of the celebrations for the Xbox One launch in the US, where he said the game would make an appearance during next months gaming event.

Keighley did not go into specifics, but he did say we should not miss it on the news. This is the first major exclusive title announced for Spike VGX, you cannot count Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition because that is not a huge title and is not exclusive to the Xbox One, as it will be available on other platforms, such as the PS4.

However, we are hoping to see several other announcements during next month’s event, and that is Quantum Break and more importantly, Fallout 4.

We do hoe that Respawn will tease us with some Titanfall Xbox One gameplay, as well as give us a release date. Let us hope that rumors of Titanfall being 720p is not true, although with games like Call of Duty Ghosts running in that resolution, it doesn’t look good does it?



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