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Defiance Arkbreaker DLC release date and content revealed

Having already known that the Defiance Arkbreaker DLC was inbound all we were waiting on was nailing that all-important release date and also what new content we could look forward to. Thankfully that date has now been revealed to us, and so we can expect to see the downloadable content released on December 10, 2013.

New Defiance Arkbreaker DLC features – Some of the new content includes various new missions, interior arkfall instances, cold fire weapons and also the Volge Warmaster boss.

We are told that the new mission will see players having to recover ark-brain interface, with this in your procession you will be able to acquire new technology. That is not all because if you purchase the new Defiance Arkbreaker downloadable content, then you will obtain the Volge Engineer outfit.

Going back to those weapons, the Defiance Community says that you will be able to make use of assault rifles, pistols, advanced-tech weapons, cold fire sniper rifles and more.

Following the DLC players will then get the chance for daily and weekly rewards, which is just another incentive to keep you hooked on Defiance. These rewards include combat changes, contract revamps and so much more, all of which can be seen on the Defiance Community.



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