Xbox One Vs PS4 controllers for shooters

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2013

Now that the PS4 is out in the US and the Xbox One will soon be joining it in a few hours time with midnight launches, it’s time to take a look at just how the two respective controllers fair. It has been an age-old debate, but will there be one definitive winner with the PS4 DualShock 4 Vs the Xbox One controller?

This week, we have a quick heads-up on an excellent video that we have found, which provides the comparison that you are looking for. The guys over at IGN have given the pros and cons for each next-gen controller, whilst also revealing which pad takes preference to them specifically with shooters such as COD Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4 in mind.

Many PS4 fans are delighted with the new trigger technology on the Dual Shock 4, but then again others just say that Microsoft’s controller feels more comfortable.

Having said that, we’ve also heard feedback from industry professionals who would opt for the DualShock 4 over the Xbox One pad for shooters – so it’s all down to preference.

Watch the video and tell us honestly about which controller wins for you. Is it a close race between the two or not?

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  • marhorn

    Same as last gen….Xbox controller is better for everything bar Street fighter.

    • ondsnap

      I have to disagree. I have smaller hands and the xbox controller hurts my left middle finger after an hour or so of play time. I prefer the playstations controller over microsofts…but then again, it comes down to personal preference.

      • marhorn

        Well the many accolades and awards given to the 360 controller would point towards a clear indication the Xbox has a better controller. Racing games and shooting games are certainly better on the Xbox pad. I do love the broken dpad for Street fighter though.

        • Ant

          Its all down to personal prefrence!

        • Josh101

          You obviously haven’t played with the new DualShock 4. It is leaps and bound much better than any of the previous controllers. It feels amazing.