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Seiki SE65JY25 65″ HDTV full specs but review uncertainty

Earlier this week we pointed you in the direction of the 50-inch Seiki TV which has been getting great reviews ahead of a possible consumer shopping spree later this month. Now though, we switch our attention to one of Seiki’s more luxurious TV sets, the Seiki SE65JY25 HDTV with a whopping 65-inch display.

With 65-inches to play around with, this TV could be the perfect set for the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 console, without breaking the bank in the process. You would usually pay well over $1000 for a 65-inch TV, but you should be able to find this Seiki SE65JY25 HDTV for well under $1000 throughout this month.

As far as we’re aware, this is a brand new model that Seiki is launching onto the market this year. As a result, we haven’t been able to find any Seiki SE65JY25 reviews unfortunately. This means that if you do decide to opt for this particular model, you may have to take a risk without first reading any consumer feedback – which is usually so helpful.

What we do have for you though is a full set of Seiki SE65JY25 specs. The model has been listed over at Seiki’s official website here and it confirms some key features for us. Firstly, full HD at 1080p. Then there’s a very pleasing 240 Hz refresh rate which we don’t find often and also three HDMI ports, so plenty of connectivity options.

Although we don’t have the reviews to show you, we can already say that it is likely to be the cheapest, if not cheapest 65-inch LED TV that you’ll be able to pick up during the sales. If you have had experience with the Seiki brand before, give us your thoughts below.



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