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iPad Pro 12-inch, Samsung Note rumors are crazy

Here is one iPad rumor that is surely going to put a smile on your face as we approach the weekend. Apple may have just introduced their 9.7-inch iPad Air, but new whispers are emerging that the company could be sending a firm message to Samsung’s Galaxy Note range, by offering a mammoth iPad 12-inch model in 2014.

In a move that could spell the end of notebook popularity, the information emerging from Korea this week is that Apple are showing a keen interest in the larger size.

Even more interesting, is that the KoreaTimes state that manufacturing on the massive screen has already begun and that it will be Retina display quality measuring 12.9-inches in size. The name iPad Pro is an interesting one as well – could Apple choose to follow their name pattern with their MacBook range we wonder, after naming their latest iPad, the iPad Air?

Such a move is bound to reach Samsung, who may also be planning to go full steam ahead with 12-inch Galaxy Note screens of their own. Personally, we feel that 9.7-inches is already big, but imagine having iPad Vs Galaxy Note/Tab comparisons that are near 13-inches in length.

We also wonder how that bodes for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air range – can tablets really get that big or are Apple on to a risky road here? As we await more solid information on this rumor, give us your thoughts on this rather intriguing plan.

Basically put – do you have space for a 13-inch tablet in your home?



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