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GTA V reason for PS4, Xbox One procrastination?

You will not need to look far for blogs, gamers and journalists giving reasons as to why you should wait to purchase the Sony PS4 or Microsoft Xbox One. The lists of reasons given include some far-fetched ideas mixed with some valid reasons to wait before jumping on board next-generation consoles, and these range from broadband speed (strange one), costly controllers, high cost of launch consoles, better games coming next year, and that PS3/Xbox 360 are at their best right now with titles like Grand Theft Auto V.

The only valid reason we have seen from the many lists of reasons to wait would be GTA V not being on PS4 or Xbox One. This game really shows how far the PlayStation and Xbox has come without even thinking about next-generation consoles just yet.

If you have played GTA IV, then you would have noticed a massive difference in both graphics and gameplay when playing GTA V. The cars look a million times better, the map is much bigger and the game is just better in almost every way.

Some gamers will need to sell their PS3/Xbox 360 to help finance the PS4 or Xbox One purchase, and the fact that GTA V is not on these machines will stop a lot of people from upgrading. There’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto will release on PS4 and Xbox One at some point, but it will not be anytime soon and thanks to all the old generation of games not working on PS4 or Xbox One, why upgrade now?

Personally, we have purchased Xbox One and PS4 for game review reasons but we also know a number of people selling up loads of games and purchasing a so-called next-gen console. In fairness, these people also don’t play GTA V.

Only so much time to play games – another point a few Product Reviews readers made was in relation to the amount of gaming time available. “I have not long stopped playing GTA 4 on my PS3, so now that I play GTA 5 it seems crazy to buy a PS4 or Xbox One without the new Grand Theft Auto game”, said one commenter.

If you are playing GTA V a lot right now, do you think it’s a bad idea to upgrade to PS4 or Xbox One without that game on these systems? Will GTA V be enough of a reason for you to procrastinate over moving to a new generation of gaming?



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