GTA V reason for PS4, Xbox One procrastination?

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 21, 2013

You will not need to look far for blogs, gamers and journalists giving reasons as to why you should wait to purchase the Sony PS4 or Microsoft Xbox One. The lists of reasons given include some far-fetched ideas mixed with some valid reasons to wait before jumping on board next-generation consoles, and these range from broadband speed (strange one), costly controllers, high cost of launch consoles, better games coming next year, and that PS3/Xbox 360 are at their best right now with titles like Grand Theft Auto V.

The only valid reason we have seen from the many lists of reasons to wait would be GTA V not being on PS4 or Xbox One. This game really shows how far the PlayStation and Xbox has come without even thinking about next-generation consoles just yet.

If you have played GTA IV, then you would have noticed a massive difference in both graphics and gameplay when playing GTA V. The cars look a million times better, the map is much bigger and the game is just better in almost every way.

Some gamers will need to sell their PS3/Xbox 360 to help finance the PS4 or Xbox One purchase, and the fact that GTA V is not on these machines will stop a lot of people from upgrading. There’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto will release on PS4 and Xbox One at some point, but it will not be anytime soon and thanks to all the old generation of games not working on PS4 or Xbox One, why upgrade now?

Personally, we have purchased Xbox One and PS4 for game review reasons but we also know a number of people selling up loads of games and purchasing a so-called next-gen console. In fairness, these people also don’t play GTA V.

Only so much time to play games – another point a few Product Reviews readers made was in relation to the amount of gaming time available. “I have not long stopped playing GTA 4 on my PS3, so now that I play GTA 5 it seems crazy to buy a PS4 or Xbox One without the new Grand Theft Auto game”, said one commenter.

If you are playing GTA V a lot right now, do you think it’s a bad idea to upgrade to PS4 or Xbox One without that game on these systems? Will GTA V be enough of a reason for you to procrastinate over moving to a new generation of gaming?

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  • BonoLikesTheBiddy

    GTA 5 is getting boring already , real GTA fans already done and unlocked everything.
    It always takes around a year for dlc to arrive with rockstar.
    That also counts for the PC version and I think that it will come together with the PS4 & Xbox one version.
    It’s time to move one to the next console.
    All games that Wil be released in the future for the PS3.Will also come for the PS4.
    And for the old PS3 games there will be a game streaming service next year .

    • Quilnux

      Yeah, I have to agree. I mean, I enjoy the online gameplay (and since I finished SP, I only play online) but even that gets old without something new added in. And I don’t mean new races and deathmatches. I already sold my Xbox 360 for an Xbox One. I don’t mind waiting for GTA V. By then they will have the other scheduled online content available (heists, map editor, etc) and it will be much more enjoyable then.

    • who run it

      You’re so ignorant its scary.

  • Nemo

    just buy the ps4 or Xbox One, maybe they see if 50% + stop playing GTA V Rockstar will bring it out for next-Gen consoles ?…

  • evilahole2

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    • Chris Dino

      A .22 will kill someone just as well as either of those options

      • Angel Arias

        It’s not killing he was interested in. It was stopping power. If you don’t mind the guy hopped up on bath salt eating the face off you, your wife and 2.5 kids before he even notices he’s been shot… then go for a .22. I would at least have a 40 s&w or a 45 with hollow point rounds. The hollow point looses penetration power but gains stopping power.

      • who

        Totally false. .45 has far more stopping power. Many factors make a difference. Velocity of bullet. Size of bullet. Rate of fire. .22 wouldnt guarantee a kill on a squirrel, much less if u actually needed to use it for self defense. 9mm is pretty effective, most .45 are slightly less accurate than a 9mm, but of course slightly more powerful. For you I would probably say go with 9mm if you’re unsure. I was significantly less accurate with .45. Springfield armory 9mm will get job done and its not even super expensive. Whatever u do, don’t listen to anyone that says a .22 is the same as a .45. People that actually own/have shot ACTUAL guns in real life know there’s not just a difference….but a significant difference.

        • Chris Dino

          that’s not true, a .22 will kill a squirrel really easily

  • queef


  • Morality_Mortality

    I have GTAV for PS3 right now and i stopped playing the campaign at the 24% mark. Why ? Because I’ll re-buy the game when it comes out on PC on March.18th, 2014 and play it in the best format possible. And no there is no formal announcement of the release date for GTAV for PC but 2014-03-18 is my educated guess.

    • jon

      ur a fag

      • BlackScout

        At least he made a argumented commentary…

      • morality’s mom

        I agree. Massive cock-chugger.

  • yalldontknowsh1t

    You guys should really check your facts because Rockstar specifically said that GTA V would not be coming out 4 next gen we won’t see a next gen GTA for a while and when we do it will b a new project, straight from the mouths.of the developers, read before you blog -_-

    • Scott Sandrock

      That’s not what the article was about.

      • scott licks balls and shaft

        Shut up Scott

    • quakan

      GTA V was never denied for next-gen. The interview from The Guardian asked that since GTA V was coming at the end of the console cycle does R* imagine what GTA VI would look like on next-gen. R* responded with no because they’re currently working on current games and not looking down the line.

  • Sam Wiggans

    I bought a PS4, but only because I don’t have an Xbox 360 or PS3. I used to have an Xbox but I sold it about a year ago. So I saw no reason not to buy a PS4 even if there are limited titles right now. I’m not a HUGE gamer so there is enough games to get me until more are released.

  • hannahobama

    cmon man let me know if its coming on ps4