GTA V Heists demand increases pressure on Rockstar

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2013

So Rockstar has finally released the GTA V 1.06 patch after teasing it a few weeks ago. As expected, it comes with the free Beach Bum DLC, but unfortunately doesn’t come with the one piece of content that everyone would much rather see – GTA V Heists.

We have a feeling that Rockstar may be regretting informing the GTA V community that Heists would be available shortly after release. Although they didn’t provide a set release date, they did suggest that it wouldn’t take long to come out.

Skip forward two months later though and there’s still no Heists. Even worse, it looks like the recent 1.06 patch has made a lot of GTA V players even more unhappy with the state of the online mode. We told you about some of the complaints here, but we have now noticed that Rockstar’s last update on the game has close to 10,000 comments – with many of them having negative words to say about the game.

It feels strange to talk about Rockstar in a negative fashion since they are supposedly the developer that could do no wrong. However, the lack of Heists and the constant income cuts to online appears to have rubbed gamers up the wrong way – for the last time.

Some of you may have thought we were being far-fetched when we suggested that GTA V Heists wouldn’t have a release date until 2014. With Rockstar showing no sign of providing the content though, are you now starting to believe that Rockstar doesn’t really want to provide Heists, unless players start buying some cash cards first?

Now that most of you have installed the 1.06 patch, let us know your thoughts on the state of online mode at the moment. Would you agree that Rockstar are now under big pressure to give Heists as they originally promised?

Or are you happy to wait as long as it takes and have no problems at all with online mode?

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  • Mikepa

    rockstar wants people to buy in game money packs before releasing any heists. Would be my guess, Because once they Release the heists there is no point in buying any money packs. So there goes that idea. Just another way to make more money. its all about money now a days with company’s. Even tho this one has made 5 times the money put into the game already. I was the all time gta fan, Now i am not. To many broken promises. The game has been returned for me.

  • ramon

    Bla bla bla ! its simple it goes like this proberly heist wil be paid dlc because rocstar sux second if there alrdy happy with there profit there wil be no dlc and no heists never and gta 5 wil have empty servers at the end of februari 2014 and everyone moves on and never buy a gta game again !

  • gs

    Maybe it’s just that I work in food service, but… There is no way we would put out a product that was unfinished.. And if we did, you’d better believe we make it up to the customer. It’s our name on that product, and I am not a slovenly, unkempt, non-working piece of trash.
    If it’s not done, don’t put your name on it… and for god’s sake don’t charge someone for it.

  • krypto

    this game was much easier before they made the missions pay out a quarter of what they used to

  • Tom

    Issue is the game’s economy. Completely ridiculous and unbalanced. In addition, the hoops that one needs to jump through in order to unlock car upgrades are unbelievable.

  • max7345

    Unfortunately, most gamers are prone to being disappointed with every little thing. It’s ridiculous, really – if Rockstar takes their time with heists and make sure it’s bug-free, people are going to be upset that it’s taking so long, if they rush it and give us a bug-riddled update, those EXACT SAME PEOPLE will be upset that it’s all buggy and wish that Rockstar had taken their time with it.

    It’s a lose-lose situation with ungrateful gamers like that who expect fast, perfect products in a snap and then whine when the developers aren’t able to do that. Seriously, if they think it’s so easy to meet their own criteria of perfection that they feel the need to complain and question the developers’ tech skills, maybe they should give developing a game a try for themselves. See just how “easy” it is.

    I, for one, am patient enough to wait for them to work out all the kinks before making heists public. Until then, I can still have fun with what is available in online and single-player.

  • Declan

    When heists come out I think rockstar NEEDS to add a button to lower the back of the Titan plane and the trucks this will make the game extremely better. please take on board and spread the word. Everyone near me is talking about it.

  • scumbagsneverdie

    Getting nothin but the steel shaft from rockstar. go team ramrod!

  • landon t.

    This game blows, its tailored for you to loose money fast. In hopes that you buy the rediculasly priced cash cards..

    • max7345

      $3 for 100K, $5 for 500K, and $20 for 1.25 million…I think those prices are rather fair, myself. Plus, how exactly is it tailored to get the player to spend as much money as possible, when prices for services like Pegasus delivery and removing wanted levels are dropping to fairer rates? Also, it’s spelled “ridiculously”. If you’re going to type a big word, at least do a quick search to make sure you’re spelling it correctly and using the right one.

      • Thomas O’Connell

        The issue that plagues GTA V Online is the differences between Online and the single player. The hope was (for many gamers) that in GTA Online, we could experience the same game as we did in single player, but being able to do it with 16 other gamers in the same world. But the economy is substantially manipulated and the hoops that games need to jump through in order to upgrade vehicles are outrageous. The game seems to constantly direct you to buying in game cash. But for those who refuse to do so, we are left with a ridiculous economy that sucks us dry for guns and ammo, and even if we were able to afford car upgrades, we cant use them without spending hours upon hours racing and hoping to win.

        • max7345

          “The game seems to constantly direct you to buying in game cash”? I disagree. I’ve never felt like I was being pushed in that direction and have stuck to earning the cash in-game. If you’re finding the economy difficult, I find replaying survival modes is a good way to earn, as passing through all ten waves gets you 20k and a little over 3,000 RP every time. Afterwards, of course, you’d have to spend some of that on ammo, but I don’t recall ever having to spend more than 3k in restocking on ammunition, so you still earn more than you need to spend in this regard.

          Although, I will agree that the hoops we have to jump through for upgrading certain aspects of vehicles are rather ridiculous. Short of someone letting me win 40-something times, I imagine it’s going to take me a good, long while to unlock all the race-required upgrades.

        • I was there

          Ahh but if you dislike “the grind” you’re essentially going to look more favourably towards the quick fix. If you have time to grind then no, buying a card wouldn’t appeal to you.

          I personally enjoy grinding, it’s a byproduct of some older MMOs I cut my teeth on.

          Another reason they have lowered the rewards is to keep people interested in getting the next carrot on a stick. It’s a staple of online gaming at this point in time. People blow through the new content within days and get bored quickly.

      • optimus prime

        Your wrong in every way those cash cards are the worst thing about gta 5 just give us the heists already

        • max7345

          You mind backing up a “you’re wrong” with a valid explanation? Otherwise it makes you look like an argumentative troll who thinks he’s always right 100% of the time. If you disagree with my opinion, then say you disagree – don’t just up and claim that your word is fact because your view on the matter is different.

  • Legz

    people shouldn’t expect much and should be grateful non the less for the experience, If you haven’t got patience and prefer to complain, then you are part of the 80% of the world who only cares for themselves. I think the graphics and scenery is an amazing achievement.

    • I was there

      As a counterpoint we were sold online and Heists, As a customer I always demand more of companies I have a business relationship with. Let’s say a Bank offers you 25% interest on your deposit (lol) and they actually give you 15%, are you going to be content?

  • Jason A

    They won’t get one more cent from me, or any other R* game in the future – fed up.

  • Nope

    Players will get the money they want to buy things one way or another. It’s either on R*’s terms (doing missions, races, etc.) or ours (glitching). It’s ironic how they want to cut payouts to sort of bully us into buying GTA$ but it is just leading to more glitchers.

    • max7345

      I don’t see it as bullying. Honestly, I think it makes sense from a gameplay mechanic, and it’s not like they’re shoving the cash cards down our throats. I spend gta-money on clothes and ammo and such quite regularly, and I’m still able to raise 100k without buying shark-cards, despite the halved replay-pay. And hell, now they’ve made it so that you still get cash and RP even if you fail a mission (although, it is an admittedly miniscule amount – but again, it makes sense from a gameplay standpoint).

      More glitches, you say? I’ll admit, I experience some weird stuff on occasion, but those moments are rare and ever since they’ve fixed the server issues I haven’t experienced anything game-breaking.

      • Nope

        To clarify I wasn’t referring to the glitches that occur in the game (such as falling through the floor or something), I meant the people who will glitch to get money. I didn’t appreciate the mission payout cut because imo replaying missions is pretty harmless.

        You are right, R* isn’t forcing anyone to buy their shark cards; and to a person who is just playing the online now, they might not see the big deal. It might not be blatant bullying to buy their shark card, but I see it as a subtle nudge for us to buy game cash. Honestly I don’t know what R* is planning atm with about 2-3 failed attempts at fixing the money glitch?

        • max7345

          Well, you might not be happy with the halved replaying pay, but when you consider the fact that Rockstar had originally intended to remove the replay payout entirely I think you’ll agree that half the pay for replaying a mission is better than no payment at all. And despite this, I haven’t felt the need to buy a shark card.

          I might when I reach the rank that enables me to buy a tank (and I get the real-world money together) assuming I haven’t saved up enough by then, but as far as I’m concerned the shark cards are only there to make things a little easier money-wise. You are, by no means, required to buy them. If you’re good with money and know how to save and spend wisely (or prefer the challenge of raking up the dough through gameplay) you can make plenty without ever spending a dime of real-world money on GTA-$.

        • Nope

          You are right, I do agree that half pay is better than no pay; but then I think that would effect the whole game negatively. Why would R* put any effort into making a decent mission if people are just going to play it once and probably never play it again. I would like to think that most of the playerbase wouldn’t do something if it didn’t bring some sort of reward. In terms of missions you would end up in the red due to the cost of armor and bullets wasted. I never bought that they would consider dropping the pay entirely for replayed missions though. That is just poor mechanics for a MMO; I wouldn’t even buy it if they tried to explain it on the grounds of realism or lore. That’s like only being allow to only do each dungeon once in WoW. That kind of decision just kills the life-span of the game entirely.

  • Seth

    Cutting the payout for races was a horrible idea, now there are no ways to make a decent amount of money :/

    • max7345

      Survival. Surviving all 10 rounds=$20k and a little over 1-3,000 RP.

      Still think there isn’t a decent way to make some money?

      • Richard

        Yes. I Would say there isn’t a decent way to make money. sure you get $20K on Survival but the money you got to spend on Ammo you use per gun is Take that down a lot. like if you use 4 guns during the course. and you gotta pay like 200 per thing ammo. let’s say it take you 8 clicks to get back to full Ammo. and you do that for each gun. so you’ll lose about 6,400 dollars of that cash you just earned. so 20,000-6,400=13,600. that equals up to the same amount of money you could earn by doing races. so who The hell would spend 20 minutes fighting when you could go do races and get the same amount of cash. and then they cut down the pay so Half that for Decent races.

        • max7345

          You spend 6k after a survival mission? That’s odd, because I spend only a couple hundred over 3k, even after going through all ten waves. So I end up earning a total of 17-16k, which is clearly much higher that what we’re forced to spend.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    i don’t mind waiting, BUT give us something more to do while we wait!

    Theres no scuba gear, casino, we can’t play pool/bowling anymore its just become very boring very quick

    • max7345

      Because robbing stores, doing missions, parachuting, racing, Deathmatches, survival, giving other players a hard time, finding stunt-jumps, causing mayhem, playing golf, tennis, darts, arm wrestling, tricking out your ride, ticking off the cops, getting some R&R in your apartment, admiring your vehicle collection, watching other players have fun on TV, rolling with your crew, jacking cars, selling cars, going through the playlists, making your own playlist, and giving your avatar the personality of your own destructive nature is sooo boring.

      Seriously now, there’s plenty to do. Get creative and go nuts.

      • Nerogiotto

        Even you have to acknowlage that you can do those things for so long.

        • max7345

          Not really, I still find them all fun. Since you continue to insist that they get stale though, why not take a leaf from Roosterteeth’s book and make up your own activities with your friends?

      • I was there

        …and yet it gets stale so quickly. The grind claims many victims.

        • max7345

          Not for me, they don’t. Plus, there are other ways to have fun other than the things I’ve mentioned. Just take a look at what Roosterteeth’s AH group has been doing – they make up fun, unofficial activities all on their own. If people get bored, why not just get their friends together and make something up? It’s not that hard if you simply put a bit of thought into it.

  • scott

    im fine with the heists not coming instantly gives you something to look forward too i still have alot of fun messing about online with friends and doing the missions ect but the new patch seems to have fixed some thing and made others worse, the amount of times i have tried to get in a titan plane for instance just to have it disappear and there are alot of other exploits like i saw someone spawn in a tank from no where to then kill me 15 times, people with bounties on them hiding in walls being able to shoot out with no one able to shoot them its the stupid things that can get annoying, aslong as they dont do a DayZ on us and promise us 100000000 times its coming in a few weeks for it to be held back over a year…..

  • r

    these fan boys lol

  • Jordan Huard

    People don’t realize that Rockstar made it clear that the game wasn’t finished when it was released. That’s why GTA Online was released two weeks later. I like having the game earlier and getting through with the problems than having to wait another year. And I’m almost positive Rockstar doesn’t care that much about the cash cards. They made SO MUCH money on the game alone. Heists are taking a long time to come out because they want to make sure it’s as good as it can be before it comes out. Some people have to gain more patience…

    • gs

      Taking their time so it’s ‘as good as it can be’?
      “Fool me once, shame on… you? You fool me can’t get fooled again..”

  • Sabz

    The new update was actually useless, they should have got heists out first then get that DLC out later to be honest. Rockstar please hurry up we’ve waited long enough!

    • I was there

      Let’s say they release heists, and they’re the most buggy thing seen so far, then what? Would you be more inclined to have ten game stopping bugs per hour?

  • Sabz

    The new update was actually uselesst, they should have got heists out first then get that DLC out later to be honest. Rockstar please hurry up we’ve waited long enough!

  • Josue

    New update was horrible why make us wait so long for that trash what was the big deal for useless cars and a little pistol and a glass bottle are you serious rockstar lol

    • scott

      did you have to pay for that DLC ? i think the fact they added about 30 different missions is good enough let along some other features some people like, most other games would make you pay 15 bucks for garbage DLC’s and i think the new dune buggy is fun as hell to drive

      • John

        Dude, THERE ARE NO NEW MISSIONS!!!! There are new jobs, DM, racing parachute etc.. but NO missions! And no one really cares for those new jobs – doesn’t add much to the experience. They should have never told us about heists, or even the content creator!


    Im going to wait.

  • ryan

    GTA Online is a huge let down, Rockstar blew it, hopefully they are working on a new XBox One / Playstation 4 game, sucks we all wasted $50 bucks

    • John

      I wouldn’t say its a let down – there is no other game like this around. What is a let down is we’re waiting for all this amazing content, and all we’ve gotten are missions and races for FAR less money, that’s what people are pissed off about!

    • Nerogiotto

      I love this game the single player story, the characters are enjoyable and funny, the graphics, character specials and the weapon wheel and the car movement. Everything feels smooth, the only thing somewhat unsatifing is the multiplayer section as it has limited missions available, which would have been fixed if they released the content creator. This would create new jobs and Rockstar could take their time with the heist “dlc”.

  • Your pal Jesus

    Heists in patch 1.07, working Heists in patch 1.12…

  • Matt

    I was so excited for this game before they even announced it but they really just set the standards to high.. I mean at one point i just got tired of it and went back to black ops 2.. And i hate cod…

  • Evan Almighty

    Rockstar blew it with this game. First off the story mode was way rushed. Then once you beat story mode you couldn’t do much. Then online of course the problems the first two weeks, but then you get online and all you can really do is race or do the same ole missions with your friends. Then they cut the payouts in half (awesome!!). Most of my friends don’t even play anymore the game is such a joke. Also I loved how lazy they were with the safe houses…wait safe apartments (no houses how stupid!) which all look identical on the inside. Then they try and sell you on the beach bum pack which has basically nothing. Cool a doom buggy, a stupid van, a dumb little jeep thing with tiny wheels. But wait they have 2 new weapons!! A pea shooter pistol and a broken beer bottle…how creative. Rockstar has become a joke of a company and the only ones defending them are fanboys who like being screwed over.

    • Jordan Huard

      You have to realize that Rockstar said when they released the game that it was unfinished… And I don’t expect it to be finished until Fall 2014. They said they would’ve liked to wait another year, but they wanted to get it out to us as soon as possible.

      • Evan Almighty

        Naw I work full time and and go to school full time at UCF in Florida, my life is busy with all that so I do not live on games maybe I’m just better then you but I beat it fairly quickly. The story was a massive letdown and online is awful they get no free pass here. Had 5 years to make it.

        • disqus_k6ngAeSHY2

          That’s your opinion. Even though gtav is now “the best game ever” (statistically).

        • Evan Almighty

          No. The opinion of many. You’re ignorant if you base the best game ever after how many copies are sold. Do you play it before it’s released? Naw naw naw I didn’t think so. You’re just a fan boy who loves being screwed over so enjoy the screwing!

        • scott

          you go to school full time and use naw as a word hell if you are paying for that education i would get a refund….

        • Evan Almighty

          Well Scotty boy, this is a comment section on the internet. Last I checked this wasn’t a place where most people use proper grammar. Just a place to post a comment. Also if you want to break it down, you didn’t capitalize “I” and you didn’t capitalize “You”. No refund needed, you stick to living on the internet.

        • Jordan Huard

          Maybe it’s simply because I’m just SUCH a fan boy as you assumed, but Rockstar did not have five years to create GTA V. I’m not sure when the Lost and Damned came out, but The Ballad of Gay Tony came out in 2010, not to mention Rockstar makes other games like Red Dead Redemption. Just out of curiosity, I want to know what your favorite game is, so then I can point out all the minor flaws while overlooking the positive aspects of the game.

        • Nope

          Mass Effect 3, no minor flaws, just major. In seriousness, I have to agree with Evan; the multiplayer isn’t were it could be especially coming from R*. I do understand the maybe that R* is working on something else, but then we are playing with assumptions. Ultimately, the game is still pretty new and, as you said, unfinished; so why not focus and finish the multiplayer so the community isn’t waging war within itself. R* is staying audible with their planned changes but they tease you for weeks and frankly it is rather annoying.

        • Nerogiotto

          How do you go to school and work full time? If I understand full time jobs are mon to fri times ranging from 8 to 12 depending on what you work at.

        • I was there

          It’s called ambition and drive.

    • Jordan Huard

      Also, if you finished the story mode way before online came out, you were probably sitting in your house way too much just playing the game. The time of the story mode worked perfectly for me, but maybe it’s just because I have a life aside from only video games.

    • disqus_k6ngAeSHY2


    • scott

      and about 30 new missions, and the DLC was free and im pretty sure they wont miss you if you stop playing so? after the story mode missions there are hidden packages/ the spaceship parts and quite a few other side missions aswell as alot of stuff you probably havent seen , to be honest it has issues but atleast they are trying i know of alot worse games that did nothing to help that it was trash for 50 bucks

  • ZackStrow

    I agree with the race money being nerfed and the police car storage thing sucks. But I’m glad they replaced all the unfair glitches, like the fast increase strength and the sell your car over and over getting insane amounts of money. If people hate rockstar so much, why buy their products? Rockstar knows no matter how bad they mess up, people will buy their games and their dlc.

    • Nope

      I would honestly love to hear your reasoning for why the race money nerf is good. The police storage glitch didn’t hurt anyone, it was just fun to mess around with a cop car without having to outrun 3-5 stars constantly. The strength thing wasn’t that serious, “aw man I climb ladders faster than you”. Also the resale car glitch still exists and is pretty much the same as before the patch lol. So with all the “fixes” I have more reasons to glitch money than ever before. I don’t hate R*, I just think they are handling things like dribbling babies. It’s kinda like how a good friend would tell you the truth even if it hurts at first.

      • max7345

        So, you think Rockstar’s “handling things like dribbling babies”? If anything, I think they’re being rather professional about it despite all the whining and hate they’ve been getting from their fanbase. Do you realize how annoying it would be to have billions of people crying, complaining, making angry demands, and basically telling you that you suck at your life’s work no matter what you do? If anyone’s the “dribbling babies” here, it’s the ungrateful fanbase who keep trying to push R* for faster results, and then complain when their game is full of bugs.

        Quite honestly, I’m impressed that Rockstar’s been able to put up with all of that and respond with calm professionalism every time while still working on new features and bug fixes. If it were me, I’d have blown my top a long time ago.

        • Nope

          Ok this should be fun. I stand by my statement “they are handling things like dribbling babies,” because that’s exactly what I see them doing. Not everyone is going to like you, a fact of life; so I don’t accept the excuse that they are under a lot of stress from the whining and hate. Besides, a fanbase will stick with whatever they are supporting until they are screwed over (Ex. Bioware, Bungie, 343).

          R* failed their launch of GTA Online, no biggie, most big games seems to follow that pattern. They wanted to fix losses by giving out free money, good way to handle the situation. Now it seems that they are punishing the “honest” player by making payout cuts. I can admit that R* has shown some professionalism, but that only extends but so far.

          Also to you comment “If it were me, I’d have blown my top a long time ago.” You can pull a Phil Fish and get pissy and quit if you’d like; people will just like you less than they did before. It’s also amazing how little earning potential companies have when they lose their fanbase and are generally disliked.

        • I was there

          To be totally honest, Community Managers usually have a greatest hits collection of the more deranged complaints and joke about them with coworkers. I always had the suspicion and it was confirmed to me while playing another online game.

        • max7345

          First off, unless that other online game was developed by them, it doesn’t necessarily implicate Rockstar of this.

          Second, if you’re going to throw these kinds of assertions around then at least prove your claims to be accurate.

      • Nerogiotto

        The cop car glitch was causing server problems, so it did hurt people. If they cut mission money then they would do the same to the races and now it makes sense since the rp and money didn’t fit the bill. But yeah they do need tough love for big problems not little things.

  • Josh Tebbutt

    How can they expect people to buy these cash cards when all I get is this page is under maintenance. Update after update its the same issue every time.

    Disappointing by Rockstars standards.

    • ZackStrow

      I never have gotten that once?

  • abberjam

    Its easy to see that GTAOs entire economy is engineered around co-ercing you into buying in-game money. Incrementally decreasing pay-outs, obscenely priced items, still no heists or BAWSAQ. Don’t be surprised if heists pay out 50 grand or less. Anyone expecting 5-figure payouts will likely be very disappointed. I already bought both console versions of this game and was looking forward to possibly a next gen version. Now I doubt I’ll bother playing it any more. I hate this trend of devs releasing an awesome game and then screwing with it until all the fun is gone.

    • ceedoubleyou

      I was about to post a comment, but you said every single thing I was going to say but more perfectly than I would have, especially the bit about “devs releasing an awesome game and then screwing with it until all the fun is gone.”

    • Jordan Huard

      Almost everything you said is true, except that nobody’s buying the cash cards, so the economy isn’t based around that. The in-game money is way too expensive to even think about, especially for anybody who did the car-selling glitch. Although, I agree with you on other stuff. BAWSAQ should definitely be out by now, but I’m not too excited for heists. I don’t think they’ll be out by Christmas…

    • disqus_k6ngAeSHY2

      Actually, rockstar said the heist would be 100000 (one hundred thousand) minimum. They’re just making sure the heists are good. Be patient man.

      • Your pal Jesus

        Regardless of the value, what are the odds of them working when they are first introduced? It would be a first for GTA V…

  • Zachdt1

    One more thing, did they not say in the trailer that the gta online will develope and grow because of us and yet they dont care about us its all about the money they made billions and then they make microtransactions which ruins the point of the game and make everything so expensive 25k for a car horn… Theyre just so money hungry its ridiculus i guess it shows that all you need to make a quick buck is a very misleading trailer rockstar i know you dont care enough to read any of this but seriously its about the gamers focus on them and the money will come

    • Jordan Huard

      It takes time to grow and develop. I’m not complaining about how slow it is because I don’t know how to develop games and add to them. I would guess it’s a complicated progress that takes time and effort. I don’t blame them if they want to take a break after working over a year on this game…

  • Zachdt1

    Sure they say it will release soon but weve heard that before it seems when asked about hiests thats all they have to say and hiests are the new thing to gta online they should have focused on it. Im not complaing though they have ruined their reputation and the future games they make most people wont bother buying them untill their dirt cheap have fun going bankrupt

  • John

    They should have NEVER EVER even mentioned the heists, CTF and content creator! That was an absolute MAJOR fail, and the Marketing Director should get a slap from Leslie Benzies and the Houser brothers! Talking about online the way it is now, would have been just fine! They should have only mentioned heists and other offerings once they had a firm release date! I think Rockstar have learned more about online in the past months, than they have since they founded R*.

    • Jordan Huard

      Very well said

  • FlameWater

    hmm I’d rather have new story DLC, PC version taking to long, console version burns my eyes

  • Paul Garner

    a big lol to those who expected much from rockstar. once a company becomes big they have more things to take care of, top on the list is revenue.

    In fact, the old rockstar, the one that made the all time best gtasa, did not care about gamers either. they just created a game that best suited their own interests at that particular point of time.

    • John

      Umm, not strictly true mate! I’ll wager the heists are so late due to all the online problems they had! I’ll bet everything got delayed by at least a month while they were trying to fix all the issues.

  • jamie

    Two words for you. Xbox one. So no i won’t be playing it anytime soon so don’t care anymore.

  • Oneal

    I have no problem waiting… They did say it will release soon. Maybe it will release in December. People need to stop complaining and wait!

    • Jordan Huard

      Thank you!

  • anonymous

    I got to level 120 and now I see no reason to continue playing, even after Heists release, I doubt i’ll go back to it. The only thing left to unlock for me is a couple weapon camos, but whats the point?

    • mr obvious

      How about unlocking a real life?

  • Evan

    It seems that everyone who didnt get on the bandwagon when it came to glitching or cheating to earn cash or rp in this game has fallen terribly behind. Nobody will buy those cash cards unless they increase the amount of cash per purchase by at least 4x. And as far as cutting down what players earn in game by playing… Bad move. It may be an open world, but there is a limited amount of things to do for cash, making farming and grinding a terrible experience. More cash to honest players is your best option. And release heists asap because the new patch is awful according to every player i have spoke to and myself. And you may have sold a lot of copies but the game is dead if you dont create additions to it quick.