GTA V Heists demand increases pressure on Rockstar

So Rockstar has finally released the GTA V 1.06 patch after teasing it a few weeks ago. As expected, it comes with the free Beach Bum DLC, but unfortunately doesn’t come with the one piece of content that everyone would much rather see – GTA V Heists.

We have a feeling that Rockstar may be regretting informing the GTA V community that Heists would be available shortly after release. Although they didn’t provide a set release date, they did suggest that it wouldn’t take long to come out.

Skip forward two months later though and there’s still no Heists. Even worse, it looks like the recent 1.06 patch has made a lot of GTA V players even more unhappy with the state of the online mode. We told you about some of the complaints here, but we have now noticed that Rockstar’s last update on the game has close to 10,000 comments – with many of them having negative words to say about the game.

It feels strange to talk about Rockstar in a negative fashion since they are supposedly the developer that could do no wrong. However, the lack of Heists and the constant income cuts to online appears to have rubbed gamers up the wrong way – for the last time.

Some of you may have thought we were being far-fetched when we suggested that GTA V Heists wouldn’t have a release date until 2014. With Rockstar showing no sign of providing the content though, are you now starting to believe that Rockstar doesn’t really want to provide Heists, unless players start buying some cash cards first?

Now that most of you have installed the 1.06 patch, let us know your thoughts on the state of online mode at the moment. Would you agree that Rockstar are now under big pressure to give Heists as they originally promised?

Or are you happy to wait as long as it takes and have no problems at all with online mode?



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