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Dell 8″ Venue Pro tablet vs the competition

Windows 8.1 OS is starting to become very popular with consumers and if you are looking for a new tablet with this software installed, Dell could be the company to turn to. The Dell 8″ Venue Pro has just landed on the market and now we give you a quick tour on how it compares to some of the competition already out.

Being a Windows 8.1 tablet, there is a lot of interest in this device and we have already seen retailers get excited by slashing the retail price with an even lower price. You’ll find the Dell Venue Pro 8 for around $299.99 at most places, but we can tell you that discounts will be available towards the end of the month – so keep your eyes peeled.

With brand new hardware with as an Intel Atom 1.5Ghz quad-core Z3740D processor and 2GB of RAM – performance should be one of the highlights of the tablet. We have already spotted on some Amazon reviews that consumers are saying the same thing about this tablet – switching between apps and multitasking is blazing fast.

Other key features include MicroSD card support, so you’ll be able to expand upon the 32GB internal memory once you start filling up with apps. Another big plus is dual cameras – one 5MP sensor on the rear and another 1.2MP on the front for webcam sessions.


How does the Dell 8″ Venue Pro compare against say the iPad Air though and other competing tablets on the market? The good news is that you can compare the Venue Pro 8 with any recent tablet by using a very helpful checker that we have found.

Head to TheVerge here and simply choose from the list of tablets on the side, that you want to compare with the Dell Venue 8. It’s very useful indeed and gives you an exact glance at what type of specs both devices have side-by-side.

Failing that, we’ve also added a useful video below, which compares the Dell Venue Pro 8 running Windows 8.1, with the Dell Venue 8, which is running Android.

Are you interested in picking up one of these tablets this month?



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