Crimson Dragon changes through updates for Xbox One release

By Peter Chubb - Nov 21, 2013

Crimson Dragon is to be released on the Xbox One this week and based on player feedback; the game will see several changes through some cloud updates. That’s not all; the price is to also see an adjustment, which will certainly go down well with the fans.

Yukio Futatsugi, the director if Crimson Dragon understands the challenges he set himself with the game and explains on the official Xbox website that it was a tough job finding the sweet spot that so many game directors aspire to.

However, Futatsugi believes that he has found that perfect balance for the player, as he understands that they like to feel a sense of achievement when they have complemented a mission.

If you master a mission then the players dragons will receive Experience points, this is also the case with failed missions. There are other changes, but this time to the cost of in-game items.

In-game items have now been reduced in price, and to make things easier the availability of credits in the game have been increased, which makes Crimson Dragon a little easier to play and enjoy.

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