COD Ghosts PS4 patch notes with massive changes

We have a quick heads-up for all Call of Duty Ghosts players on PS4. A new update is now available to download and weighs in at around 746MB. It’s a massive update adding plenty of bug fixes as well as key gameplay changes that may affect your current gameplay experience.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Infinity Ward has now released the official patch notes for the update, giving you a full breakdown on what has been altered in the game.

We can see that Infinity Ward has split the update into several categories, these include New Features, Stability, Key Changes and Additional Fixes. If you are hooked on the game at the moment, we strongly recommend you take a break to read through the changes as we guarantee that your gameplay experience is likely to change after playing with the new update.

We also notice that Infinity Ward has fixed many exploits in the game, including “Anti-Cheat fixes” and fixing up the Care Package stack exploit. Take a look at everything in the full patch notes here and let us know how they impact your game.

Is COD Ghosts on PS4 amazing in your opinion?



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