COD Ghosts PS4 1080p Vs 720p SP after patch

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2013

As most of you know, the PS4 version of Call of Duty Ghosts shipped with 1080p native multiplayer. However, the single-player was only 720p at launch, but has since been corrected with a patch to bring the PS4 version’s story mode up to 1080p native as well.

Now, we’re pleased to bring you a graphics comparison, showing the changes from 720p to 1080p native on story mode. As you may have guessed, visuals are a lot more clearer and vibrant and you should be able to see the differences yourself in the video we have included.

According to DigitalFoundry though who analyzed the footage, the COD Ghosts PS4 patch is not perfect. They have said that the game still suffers from frame-rate drops in campaign mode on 1080p, but it’s far less noticeable after installing the patch.

A few moments of dropped frame rate may not bother you though, especially if graphics quality is the main agenda. Check out the boost that the 1080p native story mode now offers below and give us your thoughts on the changes.

Can you see the differences clearly or not?

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  • Josh101

    Not sure if you all didn’t read the entire break down. But the PS4 isn’t dropping frames. It’s actually the PS4 hardware that’s trying to push MORE than 60FPS and is resulting in lost frames entirely. You might want to fact check that. This problem is prevalent in the PC version as well. With users having to work around the 60FPS lock on the game.