COD Ghosts Extinction gameplay to easily complete

How are you getting on with the exciting and addictive Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode? We recently gave some tips to get started, but now we have a more detailed guide on how to actually complete the mode and get past all 30 levels.

Extinction mode was a big surprise during its reveal and it finally gives Call of Duty fans something to play as their ‘horde fix’, in the long process of waiting for Treyarch to release a new Call of Duty game with zombies.

Players have been teaming up trying to take down the aliens since launch and we have to say that it looks fantastic when playing on PS4. We have a video to share with you below, which briefly gives you pointers on the equips and unlocks you need in order to make your journey to level 30 a lot more smoother.

Providing you follow the steps, you should be able to beat the game and start prestiging on Extinction mode. If you think you’re an expert already at the new mode, feel free to offer your own personal tips in the comments section below.



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