Avengers Alliance Android app without Facebook sync

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2013

We finally have some great news for those of you who are fans of Avengers Alliance. An Android app is finally available to download, weeks after a delay in which iOS users had already been able to get their hands on the app early.

You can pick up the Avengers Alliance Android app right now for free from the Google Play Store. It will work exactly like the iOS mobile version, essentially allowing you to play through story mode, unlock heroes with CP and level up your heroes in preparation for the game’s PVP tournaments.

Unfortunately though, it looks like Playdom has not managed to solve one big issue which is also present on the iOS version. Avengers Alliance for Android cannot be linked to existing accounts on Facebook or Playdom versions.

This basically means that if you download the Android version, you’ll have to start from scratch which is obviously a very painful thought. You’ll lose all of your heroes, gold and CP accumulated on the desktop version just to go mobile – so is it worth it?

Until Playdom finds a way to sync the mobile version with Facebook, you may want to give this a miss for now. No sign of monthly fee plans for the Android version just yet.

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  • Kellye

    Utterly useless until it will sync with the version we’re already playing. I’m nearing level 300 now and no way I’m starting level 1 again with no heroes. Boo hiss on this version. get rid of it and bring in one that is compatible to the facebook one that’s been going for three years.

  • Christopher

    This is just silly.

    There is a huge problem with Marvel games. They’re so inconsistent.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest has ridiculous in-app purchases. The odds of getting a decent hero when spending money are next to nil. However, it does have save games that sync across devices. I’ve cheated with this game, and you can spend hundreds of dollars and still not get an upgraded character worth a damn.

    This game doesn’t appear to be as stingy with the purchases, but it doesn’t sync across devices. It’s made by different developers than the PQ game.

    Whoever is in charge of licensing the Marvel games is really an idiot from a software perspective. There’s absolutely no consistency in features or software quality. This is a perfect example.

    Avengers Alliance seems like a great title. Marvel Puzzle Quest feels half-assed, has terrible writing and an absolutely awful IAP model, but for some reason has cloud saves while AA doesn’t.