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Xbox One UI features in dashboard preview

Are you still on the fence about the Xbox One? The console launches this Friday and there is a great deal of excitement in the air. Microsoft has left it late to give everyone a full preview of the Xbox One dashboard, but we’re pleased to bring you a quick round-up of what to expect.

Xbox One reviews are now going live, meaning that many critics have now had the chance to play along with the interface. As a result, hands-on videos are also going live and we have picked out a selection of videos for you to enjoy below.

We see the interface clearly for the first time, giving you an idea just what features will be available to you when you boot up that system for the first time. It looks wonderful and vibrant, but is it enough to convince you that the Xbox One is your next-gen console of choice ahead of PS4?

Just a quick glance as we said – Take a look and give us your thoughts on the Xbox One UI below.



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