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Xbox One live stream confirms YouTube launch app

We have just hours to go until the official launch of the Xbox One console. Microsoft has been busy on some positive PR missions as we told you about here, but now we’re pleased to bring you an early live stream from one user who was initially banned.

You may remember that person to be MoonlightSwami, the same user which kicked off the issue of not being able to play COD Ghosts on Xbox One offline without a connection.

Now we’re pleased to report that he has been unbanned by Microsoft and is free to start live-streaming the Xbox One console that he picked up from Target early, for millions of Xbox fans around the world. Now we bring you part one of that live stream – with one added bonus.

We can also confirm that Xbox One will have a YouTube app at launch. Initially it was thought that it wouldn’t be ready, but you can watch the live stream below to see evidence of the app waiting for you once you pick up your console.

Unfortunately, YouTube won’t be available on the PS4 at launch, but hopefully Sony will be working around the clock in order to get this to users in a future update. Enjoy the live stream and let us know if you have picked up a console early.



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