Xbox One has a new fan in Boogie2988 aka Francis

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

If you are familar with the YouTube personality Boogie2988, you will probably know about his alter ego and humorous personality known as Francis. His videos are all over YouTube and most recently we saw Francis unbox a PS4. After previously being critical of the Xbox One system, we now have a great video for you to watch which buries the hatchet with Microsoft and turns Boogie2988 into an Xbox One believer.

Originally, both Boogie2988 and his alter ego Francis were completely against Microsoft and their Xbox One – due to a number of reasons. The DRM change and other policy changes appear to have changed everything though, as you’ll see in the clip below.

Major Nelson decided to fly out to Boogie2988’s home personally and offer him an Xbox One console to play on. If you are familiar with his videos, you’ll should find the following interview quite interesting and insightful.

Boogie2988 also does a pretty good job of selling Kinect, an aspect of the Xbox One console that he was initially against. Watch it below and let us know if you have become an Xbox One believer as well.

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  • Antonio Attwood

    Great discussion No Favoritism just speaking with one another and telling it how it is no BullS**t Just a straight up pull no punches interview / product rating. You need to watch this because it’s very funny and it’s great to know that Microsoft have actually listened to us and Boogie2988 (YouTube Name) Aka Francis. Watch the Clip or go on his you tube account and watch it there like I did because it would not work on here and he has tons and tons of clips about? Er well everything about everything there is to know about every gaming console and all his favourite games that are out there 😉 Honestly his You Tube account is great one of the best there is out there and if you want to know the truth about a game or console go to his account and you will learn the buy/don’t buy rule;-)