Ryse Xbox One review wait creates anxiety

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

As we told you at the start of the week, some Xbox One game reviews have now gone live early before the system launches, allowing consumers to get a much-needed heads up on what critics have been saying about some of the games that are going to cost gamers $60 to buy.

These games included the likes of Killer Instinct and Dead Rising. You’ll be pleased to hear that the early response on these games from reviews has been very positive, with both games receiving encouraging review scores.

Unfortunately though, the same cannot be said for Ryse. After all of the drama over its resolution and gameplay complaints, it has been revealed that Microsoft won’t be allowing anyone to read any ‘official’ Ryse reviews until Thursday – one day before the Xbox One system launches.

The decision for this is a perplexing one as consumers obviously need to know what the reviews have been saying about Ryse before going ahead and putting $60 down on the game. We’ve read some theories from skeptics who have already put this down to potential negative reviews that could be about to hit.

Then again, that is a bit far-fetched to say that Microsoft are purposefully holding back reviews for Ryse until the very last day before the console launches – after all, the same embargo is also in place for Forza 5.

What is your thoughts on Ryse – are you going to be buying the game regardless of what the reviews say? Or are you a consumer that always buys games based on professional reviews and what the ratings on Metacritic are like? Give us your opinion on this below.

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  • NgTurbo

    Some great feedback on this topic..thanks. Be interesting to see what the reviews say later on Thursday.

  • Bryce S.

    I already got my extra X1 controller and Battlefield 4. I also put down my money for Forza 5 (just waiting until Friday to pick it up with my console). Depending on the reviews, I may pick up Ryse too (It looks visually stunning, but I need to see what critics say about how enjoyable the experience is).

  • jznlv

    Knack got bad reviews and I really enjoyed it, so maybe Ryse could be the same if it does get bad reviews.Some of my favorite games didn’t get great reviews or even bad ones.I don’t expect a lot out of Ryse, just hope it doesn’t get boring before the end. I’m in the middle of my 2nd play through on Knack, I hope I can say the same about Ryse next few weeks ! Fingers crossed

  • neily

    If you look at the review scores they seem to be getting better with time ie get the dead ducks out of the ways first – crimson dragon, lococycle etc. Then bring out you big hitters and the negative ones will be lost ie forza and presumably ryse. But well see

  • RedWill

    I have pre-ordered the game and this hasn’t even made me think about cancelling it. The parts i’ve seen have looked excellent so i will be getting it and playing it through.

  • Kevin

    The game looks great and if I was getting xbone that would be my first game.
    I don’t care what critics say about a game, I’ve played and enjoyed games in the past that critics say are awful.
    Each to there own I guess.