Rocksmith 2014 DLC adds Green Day to song list

A new Rocksmith 2014 DLC is now available and features the songs of the popular band Green Day. The extra content will be for all formats, so the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

The Green Day Rocksmith 2014 song list consists of just three tracks, these are Oh Love, Basket Case and American Idiot, which we have to say are some of their best work.

You will be able to purchase these Rocksmith 2014 Green Day titles individually or as a complete complete pack. The price for each will be $2.99 or $7.99 respectively.

Fans of Green Day will love the song selection, as it is a mix from different decades. You have Basket Case from the mid 90s, American Idiot from mid 2000s and Oh Love from 2010 and so has a more modern twist.

Don’t expect these songs to be too hard to play along with because they are not overly complex.

While it is great to see Green Day added to Rocksmith 2014, we’d love to see Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin as a future DLC.



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