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LG 50LN5200 HDTV reviews compared to 42-inch

If you are looking for a cheap television to buy during the Holiday period, but also want to secure a trusted brand, we could have a very promising option for you. The LG 50″ 50LN5200 HDTV ticks both of these boxes whilst also offering some very desirable specs.

LG are now a household name of course, with millions of consumers happy to choose an LG TV over say a Sony or Samsung. LG has garnered a reputation for offering very good specs with a reasonable price over the years and the same factors are going to apply to this 50-inch model as well.

The LG 50LN5200 features full 1080p HD resolution, LED backlighting technology, a 60 Hz refresh rate, Smart Energy Saving and multiple picture modes – one of which is setup for gaming purposes. There’s two HDMI ports on board and also support for external USB hard drives for those that have media stored and ready to go.

Considering that the 50-inch is a new product released this year, there are no reviews yet for it. However, both LG and Amazon have offered user-reviews for the 50-inch based on its 42-inch little brother, the 42LN5200 – a model which is in the same category, just the display size is obviously different. We spoke about the 42LN5200 in a separate article, which you can read about here.

With this in mind, you should check out the reviews over at Amazon here and then some more reviews at LG if you want even more feedback. Most consumers are very happy with this particular range and have commented on how it offers great value for money with the specs out of the box.

Let us know if you have good words to say about LG televisions and whether you would be interested in picking up the LG 50-inch 50LN52000 television later on this month.



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