GTA V 1.06 patch leaves thousands unhappy

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

If you haven’t heard already, Rockstar has now deployed the GTA V 1.06 patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Unfortunately though, it appears that not everyone is happy with the update – despite the fact that it comes bundled with free DLC.

The GTA 1.06 patch notes are also live with the update and it reveals many gameplay changes that consumers have raised doubts over. Specifically, complaints are pouring in on Rockstar’s newswire website, over another reduction in income that affects those that regularly participate in GTA V Online races.

Players are not happy with the recent changes Rockstar have made, one of which has been detailed by Rockstar in their notes which reads: “The GTA$ and RP rewards for Races, Deathmatches and Parachuting are now based on the average time they take to complete”.

You only need to head to their comment section to see that thousands upon thousands of comments are coming in, most of which are in a negative fashion which is disappointing to see. We have included one such complaint for you here which we feel sums up how many GTA V players are feeling right now.

Some of you are clearly unhappy about this..

Some of you are clearly unhappy about this..

Another big issue that came with the 1.06 update that players are not happy about, is Rockstar removing the ability to store police cars in their garages. This had become a very fun aspect of the game for some players, but the next time you load up the game on 1.06, you’ll find that your police cars have vanished from your garages.

View the full list of changes here and let us know what you think of the state of the game now. Are you unhappy about the police car and reduced payout from races? Let’s forward to the next patch – or not.

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  • Kelsey

    The reduced payouts on missions and races made me find a mission with a decent payout for time spent and now I farm it. Well done R* you really diversified the game!

  • PSN: b_u_r_z_a

    I can always get a police cruiser no problem. I play this franchise 10+ years. What made me ditch GTA Online is 1.06 update. It feels like dead end job where you work your ass off (missions, races) and in the end you get scraps while cheaters/glitchers fill their bank accounts with millions of GTA$ daily. They don’t get banned or send back to zero. As legitimate player who doesn’t even enters cheatcodes in story mode I feel screwed by Rockstar Games. In fact every new R* game will be downloaded from Piratesbay or other torrents. I hope that most of R* crew will find employment at Electronic Arts by the end of next year.

  • guest

    The only thing I am mad about is killing the police car garage glitch it was unique and stood out couldn’t they just let the people keep their vehicles. They don’t take away glitched money but they take away glitched cars. Which in my opinion is a lot less hurtful when it comes to the game itself. Glitching money is just hurting your self because you can afford to do anything and that’s boring, but delivering around town with an owned police car spices things up. I am just saying why did they have to destroy the cars if they also don’t destroy the glitched money.

  • Elliott Kearns

    Man you guys are hilarious. You do realize that there are missions and survival, two of the biggest and easiest ways to earn money. People will find things to complain about, which is really the sad thing about video games. Companies will bend their backs to satisfy a few, when it’s really their video game, with their vision. If you don’t like it, then go play your Halo’s and Call of Duties, I’ll stick with the funnest game I’ve ever played in over a decade

  • mIKE

    It was so fun to play undercover FIB or police officers, rockstar is taking their best selling game and turning it into their best selling piece of crap game, I will be leaving and going back to APB Reloaded cause its getting a new engine update.

  • AV

    A few bad apples use glitches to get millions of dollars so they reduce payouts on races????? GTA you just lost a lifetime fan who joined the rockstar family at age 12 with GTA III, yall f*cked up, havent played online since the payouts have been reduced, fix this or f*ck your game

  • Dalton Barnard

    I’m in a clan that loves to role-play as police. If you can purchase military vehicles online, why not police? With the exception of the Riot Truck and the Transporter, they give no advantage to online players whatsoever, actually just the opposite because you cannot customize them so they stay stock performance. I understand not allowing us to glitch them into garages and obtain them for free. But at least allow us to spend our in-game currency and actually earn them.

  • Justin

    I’m looking forward to the Heists, but I’m not too upset they aren’t yet here. My biggest grief is overpriced items while being underpaid. I’ve put hours in and I’ve remained +/- $50k. Would really like that $1.8M helo…though I’m not sure how anyone earns money in this game without microtransactions. If that’s the model R* wants to go, I’ll be leaving after a loyal 12 years.

  • Mike

    Online was such a sad disappointment. I thought we would get a massive WoW like game, instead we get this greedy piece of crap. What an bunch of amateurs.

  • dwizzy

    These nurfs suck , time to find a new game

  • hurricane

    People need to stop whining. Bf4 & cod dlc are $50 plus the cost of the game. And theres no way to unlock that by playing the game. If everybody didn’t try to glitch/exploit these problems would be few & far between. This is a totally new game format that’s never been done before. Unlike cod which had massive problems every time it comes out, and its the same game every year. The point is to play the game & have fun, not cry cause its too hard. Think rock star is trying to get your real money? Look at every other game that has a season pass & how much it costs then compare to your GTA online experience.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I’ve been having all whole new set of problems after the 1.06 update. All of a sudden my phone keeps popping up all the time and most of the time it puts away my weapon. There’s nothing like shooting someone then having you phone pop up and punching air. I also, noticed my character moving the opposite direction or moving by itself.

  • hesoyam

    my gta v doesnt load after i donloaded on xbox 🙁

  • kyle

    i seen this yesterday and was pretty pissed my friend realized that racing with him an i as like no so we raced again and it turns out i only got 750 bs i tell you

  • abberjam

    It’s easy to see that this entire game’s economy is designed to make you want to spend real money (Out of impatience and frustration). Way too little pay-outs, massively over-priced items. I ‘get’ that R* want to make this MMO-ish, but relying entirely on ‘buying bucks’ is the wrong move. Their client base will reduce drastically and there won’t be many people left to make purchases.
    They should instead be providing more generous in-game pay-offs and focusing on purchased optional extras like clothes, masks, cars etc for their income. Hell, I would have coughed up a couple bucks for the Space Monkey mask on day 1. From a consumer viewpoint at least, it looks like R* are totally fecking clueless about how to treat and maintain an online community. And they wonder why so many people were boosting, farming and glitching.

  • joe

    see where rockstar went wrong was by including GTAO on the GTAV disk. they should have made it a stand alone client labeled as free to play to download on the store, then people wouldn’t be so upset because it is free to play. by including it on the GTAV disk they have made gamers feel entitled to everything since they bought the $60 game.

  • benbenkr

    Thank goodnes I didn’t waste time on the online portion after I finished the SP. Going through all this crap is just not worth it lol.

  • Winston_from_the_Ministry

    Their game, their rules. Cry me a river Hydrotag, I’ll get the violin.