GTA V 1.06 online car glitch offers $15m an hour

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

As we told you last week, Rockstar would be issuing the GTA V 1.06 update to gamers which would come included with the Beach Bum DLC. This update is now live, but despite Rockstar’s efforts, it appears that some gamers have still found ways to generate income fast by using a new GTA V online car glitch method.

Perhaps more importantly for those that are needing cash, this one claims to be working after the 1.06 update that has just gone live and apparently offers up to a staggering $15m in GTA V cash per hour.

Rockstar has been trying to prevent users from selling motors in the Los Santos Customs garage, in a way that they are calling ‘exploits’. This involves going to sell a vehicle, but then quickly switching back to story mode and then back into online mode to re-sell the car for some quick cash.

A video which we have found and included below shows you how this sneaky trick works after installing the fresh 1.06 update. You’ll see that the process is relatively simple and enables the user to generate over $100,000 cash with each repeated sell.

Remember though that the amount generated, equates to how much your car is worth which in-turn is dependant on how much you have customized a particular vehicle. This method appears to be working in-game at the moment, but it will be interesting to see what Rockstar thinks about it after only just going live with 1.06.

Have you been using this method after growing tired of the constant changes to GTA Online by Rockstar? Alternatively, let us know if you have no problems making money in a legitimate way and if you have any tips to help out other users.

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  • Kris

    This glitch stopped working for me yesterday :'( lol

  • Kaybay07

    Which mods make your car worth the most money?? ($100,000 or more)

  • bartomate

    Cod ghosts here I come

  • MikeYD

    Rockstar need to stop lowering the amount people can earn from races and missions as it’s almost impossible to make any decent amount of money legitimately and they wonder why people abuse these kind of glitches.
    They payout 50% less on missions you have already done but when you call martin, lester etc for new missions it’s mostly the missions you have already done that they offer so yeah making legitimate money on gta 5 isn’t easy and it makes me wonder if this is rockstars whole intention so players might buy the money packs

    • guest

      its exactly what they want lol your real money and they dont offer much gta cash for real dollars either…just another omline game trying to scam fast money from their customers

  • kper

    just lost $400,000 sandking cheers bud

  • Dodgeybrother

    all these drop kicks complaining that it doesn’t work and they are losing there cars ect. it does work!

    1.get a car that is worth less then 50,000 from the shop and do it up otherwise it wont work.

    2. follow the video exactly
    3. people that are having problems with doing it twice and losing their car you need to repeat the offline to online player switch every time so after you have sold your first car and spawned with it outside don’t go straight back in. repeat the steps of changing your spawn location and then change players then go into Los Santos again and repeat. Ive made a quick 1 million and had no problems thus far.

  • Billy Cash

    It works i did it!

  • art

    Copy his username and send to Rockstar. Bang! 😀

  • JohnR

    It’s amazing how stupid people are. You can’t earn $15m per hour from this glitch. It took this guy about a minute to earn $100,000, meaning he would earn $6m if he did it nonstop for an hour. He’d literally have to spawn, sell the car, and respawn every 24 seconds to make $15m, which is absolutely not possible.

    • Ryan

      I totally agree! Only $6m per hour? What a stupid, waste of time hack. Remove this immediately, I demand it. /s

  • Next-Level Sports-Video

    BS…doesn’t work! He’s just getting ppl to watch his video.

  • DontBeStu00pit

    Criminal records is patched. Stop replying to people shamelessly plugging the CR race. It’s been patched.

  • lewis

    works just done it

  • Bad

    I found a new way – get a tattoo then drive to sell and set your location to respond at home – for some reason when you swap your character it resets you in front of the tatto shop and your car across the street w the money

  • Ryan

    Killing a person that has cash on hand has never been an option as I have never taken more than 500 bucks from a person, don’t understand why all the warning message about having more then 5k if when I get killed, I still have my money when I respawn.
    The races, no matter the length or amount of laps are just not worth it now.
    Missions might be the only reasonable source of income now. I notice that a lot of sessions are empty now since this update. What I am interested in finding out is how someone last night had a level of 307! Either there is a glitch, they hacked it, or they used the hack of no life.

    • Bobbi

      Criminal records race.


    it is patched I tried 3 times with crap cars a diffrent after it selling

    • Bobbo

      Criminal records race

  • Dan’o

    This has been patched now thou?

    • JC

      I tried and I lost my car if only there was a good way to earn money in missions or something

      • mufafauka

        it is because you’re weren’t fast enough, it works!!

  • Matt

    Dunce caps await

  • MB

    ugh…why would you publicize this? i guess you’re hoping it gets patched. lol

    • ImNotGivingYouMyName

      Hahahaha, yes, “Hoping!”