Best Call of Duty Ghosts comedy killcams

The moment Call of Duty Ghosts was released we knew it would not be long before gamers started to share their killcams with other players on YouTube. It is amazing just how much fun can be had by watching a player’s death from the viewpoint of the person who took them out.

These killcams are seen in the perspective of the first or third-person and in recent years has seen an upgrade. This means that the footage is even better for COD Ghosts.

To give you an idea of what we mean, we have embedded two videos below, both of which are a selection of best Call of Duty Ghosts comedy killcams.

We are not certain how many kills there are in these two videos, but we can tell you that each kill is very funny, with several making us laugh out loud. Take a look and you will see just what we mean.

We do need to warn you that you will have to prepare yourself because some players react in very different ways after a kill, with many of them going way over the top in their reaction – although this is to be expected from Call of Duty.



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