Battlefield 4 Operation Metro on Xbox One looks amazing

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

We have a treat for Battlefield 4 fans now, as gameplay is now emerging from the upcoming BF4 Second Assault DLC expansion. One of the maps included is a remake of Operation Metro, the map from BF3 but rebuilt using the power of next-gen hardware and it looks amazing – we have the gameplay to prove it.

Second Assault is going to be part of Battlefield 4 Premium and it is an expansion that will land first on Xbox One – this is the first result of the new partnership between EA and Microsoft that was announced many months ago.

We’ll be bringing you a full analysis of the four maps remade from BF3 for BF4 soon – these also include Operation Firestorm, Gulf of Oman and Caspian Border. For now though, we are going to focus on Operation Metro.

If you loved this map on Battlefield 3, just wait until you see the improvements on the Battlefield 4 engine. This is Xbox One footage as well and looks incredible – especially the brand new fire effects that can spread and damage nearby troopers.

Expect full details soon, but for now enjoy the gameplay below. Operation Metro looks amazing on the Xbox One – do you agree? We can’t wait to see PS4 and PC footage.

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  • MB

    Definitely an improvement over the original since people have more routes to take and will not get spawn trapped as easily.

  • jim

    One of my favourite maps on BF3. Can’t wait to finish work at 10pm tomorrow, its gonna drag all day. Then its straight to my local GAME store for the midnight launch. Might squeeze a pint in before hand too 😉

  • Linz

    Instead of trawling the internet looking for Xbox articles to hate on, why don’t you just get on and play with your PS4. Fuckin’ fanboys grind my gears!

  • sthallahan .

    It looks absolutely amazing on my ps4!!! Sincerely does!! My wife is sick of hearing me say ; oh my god this game looks stunning!!! Lol

  • keva

    Good. It will look even better on ps4